Absolute Black: Sub Compact Rings Jan 9, 2018

Absolute Black announces their 46/30T and 48/32T sub compact rings, allowing you to climb just about anything.

  • Peter Hedman

    I like everything about this except the lack of the round rings and helmets.

    • They’re european.

    • I’m trying out one of their oval rings right now (1x) on an EC90. I’m somewhat skeptical of oval in general because I lived through Bio Pace. In the first five or ten minutes of the ride everything felt REALLY weird. Then at some point I couldn’t even tell that I was on the oval ring. Everything just felt normal again. I don’t have enough miles to know what sort of difference the ring might make in real world riding (and climbing specifically) but I’m excited to put some more miles on it. For the time being I’m still neutral. I don’t think that the rings are bad or good yet, they’re just different. They do look super cool though. This is on a drop bar dirt bike by the way.

      • That’s been my experience with oval rings (rotor’s oval offerings). You don’t notice them after a few rides or until you hop on a different bike.

        • I’m dreading the return trip. All of my bikes are 1x now so once I decide on oval or round I’mma have to make sure all the bikes are the same.

    • bruce golla

      and that music aaahhhhh!

  • Is it sacrilegious to wish these came in a round shape?

    • Andrew Suzuki

      Impossible. The reason they’re able to do 30t is because the effective diameter is closer to 34t in the downstroke, which happens to match up with Shimano’s 4-bolt pattern nicely. So really, effectively this is no different from a normal 34t ring, except that you get through the weak part of your pedalstroke a bit faster.

      If you want a 30t though, there are plenty of cranks these days that can do it. Various FSA “adventure” offerings, White Industries, Sugino OX901D.

      • macatarere

        …Rene Herse, Middleburn. A 120/80 spider on an Easton EC90SL will get to 44/30.

  • They have to be oval to fit on the 110 bcd crank…

    • macatarere

      The inner isn’t 110 bcd, it attaches to the outer, it is 30/32t, only available as matched sets. It’s oval because that’s how Absolute Black like their rings.

  • rocketman

    of course you can always just find a 94/58 BCD crankset. Then both of these combos are available, even a 29T ring fits

  • if only they weren’t so fucking ugly

  • BFS

    Are there any round chainrings in 46/30 or similar that can fit on 4-bolt Shimano cranksets that might cost less than these?

  • Ross Lord

    I have a 46/30 subcompact (White Industries) and I love that setup. Not so sure about these weird oval things, but I endorse small gears.

  • #DirtyRoadie

    rim brakes #roadbikesoffroad 4 lyf

  • RiverCityBicycles

    Who cares about the chainrings, that’s a pretty damn amazing video

  • AdamBike99

    More like “Absolute Silver” hahahehe!
    “Nothing descends better…”
    (I’m going to quit now, lol!)

    • macatarere

      The AB rings are about $50.00 more than WI VCB. Most of the alternatives require their own crankset, AB compatible cranks can be had for a lot less, no cost if you already have them. Oops, I’m about to press Buy Now.

      • AdamBike99

        I was referring to the silver color of the AB rings in the video. And being 100% silly.

        • macatarere

          Ah, the subtle nuances of the ‘net :). I don’t know how I’m going to match my bike to the Champagne option though.

          • AdamBike99

            It’s EZ. Just pop the cork and pour! 8-p

          • Peter Gilmour

            That was an excellent idea, I just switched my Buy Now target to Bollinger and my bike was looking much better, almost immediately!