2018 Handmade Bicycle Show Australia: Prova, Richard Walker, Soyuz, Stoemper, TOR, Trisled

2018 Handmade Bicycle Show Australia
Photos by Andy White, words by John Watson

We’re wrapping up our coverage of the Handmade Bicycle Show Australia with this last grouping of builders, and don’t worry, we’ve got Kumo coming up as well! Let’s continue with today’s gallery, beginning with…

Prova Cycles Disc Road

This bike really stood out to me. I can’t get over the precision. The execution. The build kit! Everything is so dialed. Prova utilized Columbus XCr and Reynolds 953 tubing for the frame, with an in-house made butted carbon integrated seat post and seat tube. It features a custom 17-4 stainless tapered headtube and a SLM 15-5 stainless seat lug with a new flat mount dropout. This disc all-road will fit an actual 32mm tire to boot. Well done, mate! Follow Prova on Instagram.

Richard Walker Classic Road

Richard Walker is a fabricator, first and foremost, with a love for the bicycle. His precision construction from other trade jobs carries over into these classic bikes. For the HBSA, he brought this lugged beauty, topped off with a matching saddle and bar tape. For more of Richard’s work, head to his Flickr.

Soyuz Bikes Cycle Truck A.K.A “STUBBY BITZA”

Cycle trucks, cargo bikes, and xtra cycles are urban bicycle bosses, especially in a city like Melbourne, where parking a car can be a real hassle but the cycling infrastructure makes it easy to get around. While there are plenty of options out there for cycle-cargo bikes, the Soyuz Bikes Stubby Bitza sure takes a unique approach to this genre with a vibrant paint job and one sick fork and rack. Take some time to really look at what’s going on here! Follow Soyuz Bikes on Instagram.

Stoemper Bin Chicken Racer

Crikey! Who let this Yank into the Handmade Bicycle Show Australia?! Stoemper’s cast-away road bike was a show stopper while on display at the Wheelworks Stand with a pair of their rims. This bike, like all of Stoemper’s creations looks like it beckons to be shredded! Follow Stoemper on Instagram. Do I even need to remind you?

Tor Hardtail Shred Sled

Geologically speaking, a tor is a rocky mass that rises abruptly atop a plateau. Shane Flint, the builder of Tor Bikes comes from a background of earthmoving and precision scientific measuring equipment. Building bikes is his passion, as evident in this brightly-colored shred sled. Something about the paint job reminds me of a venomous Australian animal. So good! Follow Tor on Instagram.

Trisled Whatchamacallit

Pardon the nomenclature here, but I have no idea what to characterize this creation as. Other than a truly unique experience. That’s Trisled’s m.o. however, offering up unique human-powered transportation. Their offering at the HBSA looks like part fatbike and part tractor. Down to the saddle!


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Our coverage from the Handmade Bicycle Show Australia would not be possible without the hard work of Andy White from FYXO. Follow FYXO on Instagram and visit FYXO‘s online store to pick up some goods. Thank you, Andy, and thank you to all the makers in Australia for putting together such an amazing showcase. There’s more to come!