Reilly’s Breadwinner Lolo Road

People often refer to steel road bikes as “lifetime” bicycles. A few years back, Reilly was looking for just that, a lifetime road bike. He scoured the internet, looking at all the offerings before settling on Portland’s Breadwinner Cycles and their Lolo road bike. These frames are made in-house, at Breadwinner in Portland and can be configured with various options directly from their website. Reilly’s build is beautiful, without being flashy, relying on Shimano Ultegra’s longevity to keep the wheels and gears turning.

Little details really make the build, like his Yanco handlebar bag, Manual for Speed bar tape and Vittoria Corsa tires on Pacenti rims. Bikes like this are just so right…

  • Bill Meadows

    very nice! I have one in their hopper right now! cant wait to get on it.

  • David

    Maybe Im boring or uncool, but I just really like regular road bikes. This is as good of an example as there is.

    • Not boring, or uncool. I’m the same way.

    • What is regular to you? Better yet, what is an irregular? Just genuinely curious. Is it the paint scheme? Steel tubing? When I look at this bike I just see ‘modern’ vs say, ‘classic’ like a 70s era road bike. The only other distinction I would make would be ‘racing’ bike, which a Tour de France level bike would more or less announce itself as such.

      • David

        I can’t relate to touring bikes or the crust types of excursions. I have a job and a family and stuff and cant do endless days across a dessert or some mountains or lounge about on a life of relaxed bike luxury. I can ride 7-8 hours a week, generally on road or singletrack/fire roads. I get bored on a bike after 3 hours-ish anyway. I just like the simplicity of your standard road racing bike.

  • Albert

    So right …

    Are those Corsas 30mm?

    • rcatleastthreecharacters

      Thx! Those are 28s

      • Timmy

        How do you find the clearance with the brakes and tyres? I’ve got the same fork, brakes, tyres on the way!

        • rcatleastthreecharacters

          everything fits fine, the tires are a slight squeeze going in and out of the brakes when fully inflated, but it’s very minor. 30s might still be OK, but definitely not 32s.

  • Good call on posting a Breadwinner.

  • Eric Hancock

    I really like seeing bikes with their owners. This is a good one.

  • Dexter

    One good looking bike! What’s that strapped to the left of the stem?

  • Charlie D

    nice bike

  • KT

    WOW! This thing is so good. Such a rad build – Nice job!

  • Ed Jaramillo

    Who makes that bar end cap? Want!

  • Paul_SFC

    She’s a beaut but the one “little detail” that’s absolutely killing me is the driveside QR *facepalm*

    • Bil Thorne

      I do that on my QR bikes. It’s annoying (and dangerous) to have the lever on the disc side so it just carried over to my road bikes.

  • BC

    Handsome looking bike!