NYC Stand Strong Dec 11, 2017

… thanks to Terry for making these videos, which beautifully capture this beautiful city.

  • All of these HotLine and 4K Chase videos are so freakin’ good. Every time I see one it just makes me want to be on my bike so bad. Keep it up Mr. Barentsen.

  • Charlie D

    Not impressed.

  • Pelex

    You need around .0002 to .0005 of an inch for “press-fit” conditions.
    I think Jason had less on some of those passes…unreal!

  • Dale

    I’m absolutely in love with Terry Barentsens work. I’ve been binge watching his YouTube channel over the last week or so and it’s so good.

  • You gona repost this one but not mine. i see how it is! #coldshoulder :P