Erkki Punttila is Really F*cking Far From Home Dec 6, 2017

Remember Kona’s short film Not Far From Home? Well, today marks exactly a year from the release of that film, and also – not coincidentally – 100 years of Finnish independence.

The sequel, Destination North, is just as gratuitous as the first, with great sound design and narrative parallels drawn from last year’s film. Erkki’s boat gained some sails, his Kona Unit grew some gears, and now he’s Really F*cking Far From Home.

The result is the same: you’ll want to pack up your bike and head out on your own adventure after this one.

  • tnts

    Bikepacking president of Finland – Eki Punttila!

  • Rick

    Love both of these edits, and that he lives on his boat!