A Random Encounter in the Sequoia: Dave’s Hardly Davidson Chopper

As it happens during the holidays, you sometimes end up playing tour guide to family members. My parents came to Los Angeles this weekend, with one thing on their mind: a road trip to the Sequoia National Forest. Turns out, Nat Geo has a special running on this magical place and my parents caught the bug. The only problem is, lodging since neither of my parents liked the idea of camping in the wilds of the Sequoia backcountry. After some phone calls, I found one place to be open: the Durrwood Creekside Lodge.

While there, we got to do a lot of chatting with Eddie and Dave, the two caretakers of the lodge. Once Dave found out I’m into bikes, he had to show his two choppers he made in the lodge’s old blacksmith shop – which coincidentally is a recognized landmark. This whole experience caught me off-guard since I had barely had my coffee yet, but my mind was blown by Dave’s thought process and end-product.

I love seeing projects like this, and yes, I took it for a spin!

  • Big Jänet Romance

    slacker dave digs prog rock geo

  • Alex Rhino

    I had one when I was younger. Ape hangers, aluminum mag wheels, West Coast Choppers pedals from wal mart, the whole 9 yards. Had to do the same thing with the seat post. Shout out to my mom who threw it out when I moved…

  • Sebastian Burnell

    Hopefully not entirely beside the point: John, did you never wanted to built yourself a new bike from an old frame? Bridgestone, Kuwahara, Bruce Gordon etc. or is that “old meets new” not your cup of tea?…(-; I just wondering, because there are a lot of features on this site regarding this theme.
    By the way you strike me as the J. Appaloosa kind of guy…(-;

  • Photo or didn’t happen!

  • Bil Thorne

    They look like a frame builder did all the drugs then from memory built something Pubes drew.

  • I know there isn’t any reason for this type of thing other than the owner thinks it’s cool, and that’s all that matters. But a part of me still can’t help but ask why?

    • Chris Valente

      I think you answered you’re own question.

      • reading comprehension.

        • Chris Valente

          I comprehended you just fine.

          • Apparently not.

          • mrbiggs

            “the owner thinks it’s cool” is plenty.

          • Y’all seriously misunderstood my comment. Read it carefully. I acknowledged that the creator doesn’t have/need a reason, therefore negating the second half of the comment AND making it clear that I understood that there is no real reason. The point was, I simply still felt compelled to ask ‘why’, as a means of expressing the fact that I personally don’t get it. Y’all seemed to have read the second half of my comment and either ignored the first half or didn’t comprehend the link. Read more carefully before jumping to attack or defence.

          • mrbiggs

            The fact that I read and didn’t ignore the first half is proven by me quoting it. So, whew, I’m off the hook. But I am realizing I missed the “part of me” part and that might be where we’re all getting hanged up. It really depends on which part of you is asking. For example, if it’s your brain that is asking, then you’re looking for a logical response to the Great Question. I am fairly certain that this search will be in vain. But, it would explain why the first part of your comment didn’t suffice. This is because the first part of your question was grown from your heart. The heart is the part of you that is an artist, if you open it up wide enough and close your eyes a little. Just a little, like a squint. Then you’ll remember (granted, with your brain, but bear with me) those times when you were a kid and you rode your bike with the ape hangers really fast and jumped over that creek that was behind your friend’s house. You knew you might break your arm, and you did it anyway. You knew mom wanted you to home for dinner, but you did it anyway. And now, 30 years later, you’re asking why, probably with your brain part and, well, you sound like your mom. Merry Christmas.

          • I am genuinely blown away by this incredible comment. There is so much that is blatantly wrong and incredibly fantastic at the same time, that I honestly cannot for the life of me figure out if this is just ridiculous or the smartest satire I’ve ever read. Kudos. Happy holidays.

          • mrbiggs

            I’m totally serious.

          • Brian Simon

            I’m right there with you. I kindof want to build a tall bike for the same reason.

    • Why not? Tinker time. Creative expression. This is art.

      • I actually completely agree and recognise it as art. Doesn’t mean I understand it, and I acknowledge it doesn’t need to be.

  • Smithhammer

    That’s by far the coolest Spesh I’ve ever seen. ;-)

  • benreed

    Yes! Glad you had your camera on hand.

  • Martijn Landzaat

    Feel like Golden Saddle Cyclery could have made magic with that old Speci…

  • dan scheie

    Looks like its straight outta BikeKill in Brooklyn…

  • giddy up!

  • Harrison Shotzbarger

    that setback post tho…

  • AlTilleythebum

    You could fit so many Wald baskets on that fork…

  • Jordan Mackinnon

    Death on a stick right there

  • Alex Steadman

    It’s not a bicycle baby it’s a chopper.