A Quote from the Desert Oracle Dec 21, 2017

One of my favorite zines and podcasts, the Desert Oracle, recently dropped this gem of a quote and I couldn’t help but share, especially in light of the current political climate. It really makes you think…

“The human argument for setting aside vast stretches of the American desert as parks and preserves and wilderness and plain open space always includes the importance of unspoiled vistas. As the only real difference between Las Vegas and Death Valley is that we made a strategic decision to fill one with casino hotels and insurance company headquarters and neighborhoods while leaving the other more or less intact for the mutual benefit of humanity and the plants and creatures and ecosystems in such a mostly wild place.” Ken Layne, Desert Oracle, #016.

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  • AaronBenjamin

    I hate Vegas as much as the next person, but in its defense, beautiful vistas are still visible even a short drive outside the city borders.

  • boomforeal

    whoa, he’s like your comma opposite

    • Yeah, it’s also a transcript I made from his radio show. Lyrical ramblings are hard to impose grammar upon. hah!

  • boomforeal

    i love that you love deserts. i don’t get them at all; i’ve been to death valley and i just found it super boring. it’s a treat to get to see them through the eyes of someone who appreciates them so much, and is so good at capturing the beauty that they see

    • The thing with Death Valley is you can’t just drive through it on paved roads. The magic happens on foot, throughout the day as the light changes in the sky. While a lot of the park’s tourist attractions are on paved roads, the true magic happens in the backcountry. ATMO, of course.

      • Aaron Best

        “There are three types of men: The mountain man, the man of the sea, and the desert rat. I consider myself the latter.” -Edward Abbey

        • Smithhammer

          There’s a fourth kind – the person who has spent a great deal of time in each, and enjoys them equally. :-)

          Actually, the sea scares the shit out of me way more than the other two – precisely because of the amount of time I’ve spent on it. But if I didn’t live in the Rockies, I’d move back to the Sonoran desert in a heartbeat.

          • Aaron Best

            Having grown up in the Midwest, as soon as I was able to I fled to the desert. It’s hard to go back to “real” winter after being spoiled by Southern Utah.

    • David

      I used to feel this way when I was dragged through them constantly as a kid. Then as an adult I got all sentimental and sad boy club and shit and tied deserts into the experience of the west and the experiences of my childhood. comma comma , , ,

  • Ron Mader

    Greetings from Las Vegas. Desert Oracle is the best new podcast of 2017

  • showlowitsqueentlee

    thanks so much for tipping me off to desert oracle. huge fan now. binged his entire podcast in two days.

    • Smithhammer

      Yup – just listened to a bunch of episodes on a recent road trip. Really good stuff. And as someone who grew up on the fringes of the Mojave and spent lots of time out there, it does a great job of capturing the particular type of weirdness that can thrive there.