Time’s New Speciale MTB Pedals Nov 8, 2017

The Time ATAC platform is my preferred pedal for mountain and ‘all-road’ riding, so when the company announced their Speciale pedal, my interest was piqued. Made in France, at Time’s factory in Nevers, these new pedals come in a few colors, are made from 6106-T6 aluminum, feature a wide platform, adjustable pins for optimal grip and a micro-adjustable clamping system, allowing riders to tune their engagement. I’m anxiously awaiting trying these out. See more information at Time and holler at your local dealer for ordering.

  • Crmsnghst

    I like that people who use time pedals admit to it like someone who used to do heroin. “Hi, my name is John and I use Time Pedals.” Second to that I love that when working in shops with rentals people who use time pedals always come in with that sad, dirty ziplock bag with their pedals in it. “Please sir, let me use my strange French pedals on your bike….please…”

    • Raoul Morley

      They’re great pretty close to indestructible I’ve sold more attached to bikes than I’ve broken in twenty years (1 pedal not even a pair) the cleats seem to last forever and my knees never seem to hurt. Not that I’ve a stash of them of course…

      • Crmsnghst

        Oh I have nothing against their functionality, its more that when you go up against pedals like the ubiquitous Shimano SPD, or the weight weenies choice of Crankbrothers they just seem to be the “red headed stepchild” of the pedal world.

        • Sebastian Schwägele

          I’ve used TIME pedals for almost 10 years. Their mechanism wears out over the years and back in he days it was not possible to adjust the tension of the spring. Imho Shimano pedals have by far the best bearings out there and you can adjust the bearing clearance. So after TIME and LOOK and others I came back to Shimano and I am happy.

          • Crmsnghst

            Im still convinced that the Shimano PD-747’s are the greatest pedal of all time. God I miss those beautiful silver bastards.

    • Ha. Totally.

  • Hollis Duncan

    Wout van Aert uses Time and I’m sure they handle muck better than XTRs. I rode eggbeaters until they got spongy then switched to Shimano. The Radavist OCD in me sent back a pair of Times ATACs because the red/black didn’t match my Firefly, but other than mud and weight, I’ve been happy with the engagement and performance of XTRs.

  • Rider_X

    I have been using Time ATAC pedals since ’97 (20 years!) and I am still loving them – Shit… just realized I am old as dirt!

  • naisemaj

    I gave up on time pedals after bending three springs in a year, causing my foot to just pop out randomly. They used to be bulletproof but the new springs suck and are not replaceable. So I’m back on XT, and they’re nothing special but when I smash them into rocks they keep working afterwards!

  • Matt O’Donnell

    Local dealer doesn’t know how to order them as they aren’t showing up when they look at their vendor. Any ideas when they will actually be available?