Throwback Thursday: Death in the Valley Nov 16, 2017

So, you might have noticed this already but our server accidentally deleted our 2015 image bucket, including many of my favorite Ride Reportage entries. When possible, I’ll be re-upping these stories and linking it here to the Radar to encourage everyone to revisit the entry. We’ve got a lot of incredible rides back-logged here on the Radavist, so expect some prime throwback entries being brought back to life. Got one you’d like to request? Drop it in the comments.

This week’s entry is Death in the Valley, by team AWOL. I wonder how much these guys have learned since their last attempt?

  • Tony Abate

    Cool I’m glad your redoing these! I was looking for some of the old school Texas Hill Country tours just the other day.

  • stevenorstrom

    Awesome! Can’t wait for the Ryan Wilson archive to reappear.

  • I was so bummed when we lost all those images. Stoked to have some motivation to re-upload them! I need to do the Weather Be Damned story and the Ice Cream Truck review. Both of which will require resuscitating my old iMac. Dig, dig!

    • Jan

      Came here to request the Morgan and Lyle snowventure. Need that beta bruhh

  • Billy Arlew

    Oh that explains it! I’ve been researching the White Rim Utah route and would love to get stoked off (on?) those pictures!

  • adventureroadbiker

    Probably my favorite piece on the radavist. Great to read it again after all this time. Feeling a new wave of inspiration.

  • Sani Saniman

    Like the four horsemen …. 👍 kuddos to these guys …

  • Zach Graham

    2015 Ride Reportage Request;
    Rouge Roubaix
    Oregon Outback