The Mission Workshop Jean Nov 8, 2017

Well, I always said if Mission Workshop ever made jeans, they’d be the best on the market. And that’s exactly what they are, the best jeans I’ve ever worn. These jeans are made in Los Angeles, from an advanced stretch-woven fabric developed exclusively for Mission Workshop by Mectex S.p.a. at their mill near Lake Como in Italy. Best of all, they’re guaranteed forever. In stock now in black or navy, at Mission Workshop.

  • Agreed, best active denim on the market – love the fabric.

  • More flips!

  • breed007

    I ordered a pair to replace my Chuck Norris Action Jeans. We’ll see…

  • Buys jeans, tries backflip, falls down. Nope, jeans don’t work. ;P

  • Matt O’Donnell

    but… can it be called a pair of jeans when it isn’t denim?

    • Jeans aren’t a material, they’re a state of mind… just kidding. I dunno. I consider my Cordura pants, “jeans”