Swift Industries: New Lightweight XPAC Hinterland Zeitgeist Saddle Bag Nov 15, 2017

Swift’s Zeitgeist Saddle Bag is a new take on the classic British touring saddlebag, and this special edition is made from XPac VX21, to help make this bag super-lightweight and durable. The Hinterland Zeitgeist weighs in at 12oz, shaving over a quarter pound off of Swift’s standard Zeitgeist Saddle Bags and is in stock now at Swift Industries!

  • Ryan

    I’ve been on the verge of getting a saddle bag for a couple of years now, something I could toss a hammock, jacket, couple of pints or SLR. This is the first time I’ve seen one that goes across vs straight back like a mudguard. It’s that mudguard style that has kept me from making the jump; I don’t like the weight placement. This has piqued my interest in saddle bags again.

    • Alex Ball

      Look at the Carradice range, there’s loads of different sizes to choose from and they are absolutely bomb-proof. Mine are approaching 20 years old, still waterproof and ageing really nicely.

  • Really might need one of these to pair with my Hinterland Ozette…