Spurcycle’s Tool Nov 29, 2017

IMO, there’s only one Tool, but the latest product from Spurcycle is giving the band a run for its money. Made in the USA from titanium, the Tool comes with a case and many, many bits. They’re up for pre-order now, with a pricepoint of $69. If the Tool performs like the Spurcycle bell, we’ve got a winner!

  • Damien Milazzo

    Any idea if the pricepoint will change after the pre-order period?

  • Jordan Muller

    When your favorite bike site references Tool, you know its gonna be a good day.

    • AdamBike99

      Right?! Plus, John referenced a video that finally (for me) explained the song’s reference. #winningonwednesday

    • Warwick

      I saw them play in NZ a couple of years ago, still an amazing band who haven’t lost any of their power

      • Jordan Muller

        Right. They raised the bar so damn high that even their lackluster show late in their career is still pretty mind-bending. Any coincidence that the Spurcycle piece above forms the letter T or an L with its bars??? Or that the cylinder itself can look like an O from the side??? Watson knows what’s up.

  • carchiba

    So much for saving money ….

  • kasual

    Nice stuff and honestly I’m surprised that I think the price is pretty reasonable. It’s titanium, made in the USA, comes with a bunch of bits, an x-pac case and is nicely designed.

    • Froste

      Case by Fog City!

  • Cycle Sierra Nevada

    Very nice piece of equipment, but no chain tool.