Ride with an Awareness Bell? Check this Out Nov 9, 2017

I try to ride with an awareness bell on our front-range trails here as much as I can, but I’ve found myself always having to slide it back into position since its strap is just a piece of velcro and handlebars are tapered. Last night, I removed the strap and mounted it directly to my Light and Motion Urban 500 light – I also run a 800 lumens light on my helmet.

The bell stayed put and didn’t move at all, allowing it to resonate down the trail to alert runners, hikers and other cyclists. This time of year, our trails are very crowded at sunset, with athletes trying to soak in the last bit of light, and running an awareness bell just makes it safer for everyone.

  • Mike Kimbro

    Oh man the comments on that original post…

    • Ryan

      Yeah, I’d forgotten to add the Turbo Spoke to this year’s Christmas wish list—again.

    • It’s wild. Although I doubt many people live in a county with 10 million people that has such extensive shared trail use by all types. I probably wouldn’t use a bell like this if I lived in a less populated area.

  • Somebody (Voilé) needs to make a tiny Voilé strap to hold your bell on, John.

  • GNARdina


    Bicycle times just did a write up in the QR bell

    • Yeah those are nice too.

    • Erik Hillard

      The Timber Bell is pretty great and there is now a bolt on version too. However, the craftsmanship and sound quality of the Awareness Bell is amazing.

  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh

    Nice! Was just wishing my Timber bell had a GoPro-style attachment point on top to double as the mount for the light.

  • Facundo Dominguez