Quickguard Road Bike Fender Nov 1, 2017

This is unlike any fender design I’ve seen and with the rainy season approaching, I just wish it was available now! Check out more at the Quickguard’s Kickstarter.

  • Kev

    Whoa! Nice. Wonder if they will be making a front wheel version too!

    • Zachary May

      Campaign says it fits front and rear. It doesn’t mention any sponsor product development or manufacturing experience, though. I’m intrigued but holding off until an actual product is delivered.

      • Chris Howard

        If the Quickguard doesn’t reach its funding goal it possible will not get made or be greatly delayed. So if you want one now is the time to get one – every pledge is one step closer to production – your pledge will help.

    • Chris Howard

      The same rear fender also fits the front wheel – one fender fits both wheels.

  • almer

    that looks very similar to my Qbicle tangent fenders been using on my road bike for years now

    • Chris Howard

      Its longer than the Qbicle and stops all the water spray from wetting your rear and the riders behind you.

  • Maybe I missed it, but I didn’t see any info on what the maximum tyre size the fenders can fit, with the spacers. I see the fender is 40+mm wide, which can fit up to about a 35mm, but with very little adjustment compared to traditional fenders, they need clearer info than what the Kickstarter page offers. I find them intriguing and can see this being a good option for people with road bikes (which is who it’s clearly being marketed to), but the cost of two (front & rear) is right in line with the cost of a pair of proper aluminium fenders from Velo orange and others.

    • Chris Howard

      the fender width is 43mm so suits any tyre under that width. The Quickguard is really intended for those who need to install and remove fenders quickly without tools.

  • ricochet lab

    what about thru axle peeps… ?