Midwest Safari Nov 15, 2017

Allan Thom takes his Porsche Safari and Cannondale Slate out for a midwest dirt jaunt. Check out more at Cannondale.

  • Now that’s a cool car!

    • M Willimek

      What a Bullshit. Taking a car for driving into the woods…
      We use our bycicle to get there!

      • Oh, if I could afford that car, I’d definitely drive it to the trails! And then I’d pick my father up and take him for a joy ride! His smile would be ear to ear, and I’d know my father was in his happy place.

  • Nicholas Haig-Arack

    Sagan burning donuts, the Overlander dudes overlanding, and now Porsche rallying… Cannondale seems to be pushing cars as much as bikes these days. No judgment here, I guess cars are cool too.

    • Sagan rides for Specialized, not for Cannondale. But yeah, a lot of vehicular involvement.

  • Will

    Awesome car and fun driving. I’m a subaru man myself and definitely enjoy getting loose when it’s safe. However, seems like an odd way to promote a gravel bike… if some dude was driving like that when I was out riding, I’d be pretty pissed off at him, cool car or not.

    • … yeah, agreed.

    • Ben Reed

      Agreed. Awesome car. But the irony of driving like that on a gravel road with a bike on the car(!) seems lost on them.

      • A lot of race car drivers use bicycles for fitness, so it isn’t as far fetched as we think. But yeah, to sell a bike, this video is absolutely ridiculous and I love it for that very reason!

    • Ha! I’d be so stoked if I was on a gravel ride and witnessed this.

  • Max

    Yeah this is lame! Old white elitist dude riding a cannondale on some trail that probably doesn’t even go that far. No water bottles? How far is he going? A five minute ride? Not to mention that a mountain bike looks like a much better fit for that trail. I agree with the previous comments that if I saw this prick driving I’d be pretty upset. Yet another reason why I don’t ride a cannondale!

  • mrbiggs

    As a middle-aged white dude who rides his Twin Six Rando on MTB trails, sometimes forgetting a water bottle, and wouldn’t mind upgrading his family-wagon Subaru, I have no issues with this advertisement. Even looks like he’s got a set of WTB Resolutes on that bicycle.

  • steve brown

    What’s the difference between a Porsche and a Porcupine?…

    In a Porsche, the pricks are in the inside.