Floyd’s of Leadville Expands their CBD Supplements Nov 1, 2017

Floyd’s of Leadville has expanded their CBD oil line, with multiple options now, in various milligram or milliliter servings. CBD oil has changed my recovery process and helped me get a better night’s sleep after big days on the bike. That’s not just a pitch either and I’ll go one step further. Two months ago, I decided to take some time off from alcohol. It was running my life and I was using it to disconnect or unwind from a busy day, but mostly it helped me sleep at night. The problem is, as I get older, alcohol takes a beating on my body and I just felt like shit all the time. I switched to smoking more weed and taking these Floyd’s of Leadville CBD capsules to aid in sleeping, or smoking a mellow sativa-high weed. After two months, I feel better, both about myself and about my riding. Which is very important since my job is bikes!

Now, not everyone can walk into a dispensary and buy weed. I understand that, but these capsules will ship anywhere in the US since CBD oil is natural, THC-free supplement. It really does make a difference. Hell, I even give my dog a pet CBD supplement to help his arthritis. See more information at Floyd’s of Leadville!


    I started using this after Grinduro destroyed my knees. I am happy to report my knees are already feeling better after a couple weeks of pain. I also take a capsule before my ride to work and it is a nice way to start the day with a mellow anxiety free morning. Good stuff!

  • Zian

    So do these pills get you high? Can I take them and expect to be able to carry on through my day as normal?

    • Fredrik

      They don’t contain the psychoactive thc that gets you high. And yes.

  • Just out of curiousity, what CBD pet supplement do you use and what has it helped with your dog?

    • It’s literally called CBD PET. Max used to get out of bed slowly and kind of limp for the first few steps. Now, I give him the dose in the morning and a dose at night. He doesn’t limp anymore.

      • Thanks man. I have an Australian Cattle Dog and she limps after a day of working and play. The vet cannot determine what it is. I hope the CBD will help.

  • dan scheie

    Its a shame that my job would be fine with me downing a bottle of whiskey every Friday night, but if I want to smoke a little and watch cartoons before going to bed, I’m a drug addict and need to go to rehab.

    So i guess my question is would be would CBD oil show up in routine drug tests?

    • Spencer Olinek

      Same Q over here in corporate america.

    • Floyd Landis

      All products are tested for THC before they go to market. No worries with the drug test. Also WADA just took CBD of the prohibited substance list.

  • Superpilot

    It’s been well researched that alcohol helps you go to sleep, but inevitably the quality of sleep is worse overall. I was going through a bottle of hard stuff every few weeks at one point, on my own, thinking I was de-stressing from work and kids. Figured out I was waking up late, tardy at work, tardy at home on the day after. I like the buzz at the time, but yeah, the after effects.
    Tell me, you go to a dispensary? You need a docs cert (presumably for the knee?) I guess it depends where you live that you can or can’t grow?
    Reform is coming to most countries in the world at some point, it is interesting how some want to keep the availability in house, and some are happy for private individuals to take care of themselves.

    • Jared Jerome

      If you live in California you can grow anywhere that’s locked and out of sight (that’s per the law, but also because obviousness).

      In California you can get a doctor’s recommendation for pretty much any ailment.

    • I got my Dr. certificate for insomnia. Did it online. It’s realllly simple.

  • Crmsnghst

    If you have questions dont be afraid to ask! I work for a large Cannabis Extract Company in California! Im WELL versed in the various uses, side effects and legality in Cannabis.

    Also John, get at me and we can send you out some promos and maybe get you on a PAX Era device so you can get all the benefits of smoking without all the tar and carcinogens in smoking flower. I knew a roadie who credits moving from a solid CAT 2 to a midpack CAT 1 just by switching to a vaporizer.

    • is there an advantage to using either the softgel or the tincture, or is it just personal preference?

      • Bob Bell

        The tincture allows you to give a specific dose.

      • Crmsnghst

        Not really an advantage but more of different methods of delivery. Floyds seems to add a few more compounds to help with recovery in addition to just CBD so ingesting the products by pill or dropper is their best t delivery method. My company makes a 99% pure CBD isolate that is in a powder form (probably what Floyds uses as their base product) and can be take orally, it can be smoked or vaped, and I have even known a few people who make CBD suppositories for cancer patients who have trouble eating. Really any way that you can get CBD (or THC) in you and let it interact with the receptors in your body called the “endocannabinoid system” you are good to go!

  • twenty8red

    Congrats on cutting back on the alcohol, I quit five years ago and haven’t looked back. One thing that looks interesting to me is that they claim to help PTSD and panic disorders. I sometimes struggle with anxiety, probably a side effect from depending on the social lubricating qualities of alcohol for so long, so this seems promising. Willing to give them a shot. Thanks for the info.

    • Crmsnghst

      My company works with a group called The Weed for Warriors Project (http://www.wfwproject.org) they are having a HUGE amount of success with both traditional cannabis use and CBD use to help soldiers with PTSD. Alcohol has traditionally been the coping mechanism for anxiety disorders but once the buzz wears off you are left more anxious and panic ridden then before. Give a CBD vape pen a try if you havn’t yet. I quit smoking cigarettes a few years back and my biggest stumbling block was always the anxiety id get when coming off nicotine. I started using a CBD vape pen when the urge grabbed me and it helped calm me down enough to move passed it. Smoke free ever since.

  • campirecord

    Y’all haven’t been covering Canada enough. Going FSA on July 1st !