Floatin, Seeing, Shooting at the Derby City Cup – Jeff Curtes

Floatin, Seeing, Shooting at the Derby City Cup
Photos and Words by Jeff Curtes

Editor’s Note: We’ll keep this intro brief because brevity is Jeff’s thing. The way I look at it, when it comes to documenting ‘cross, your photos should do the talking…

Cannondale approached me last year, wanted me on their ticket, wanted a fresh new look to their shots. So we connected, I’m doing my thang for them for 13 races, this past weekend was a target since it was Pan Am Champs, so I came over the pond and got the shots. It’s a Loose program, I do my thing, no restrictions, as it should be.

I float, I see, I shoot.


See the results from the Derby City Cup at Cross Results, Follow Jeff on Instagram and follow Cannondale on Instagram.

  • Such amazing shots!

  • big Al

    i dont feel the need to comment on here much but these are GOOD. nice work!

  • spencer harding

    I suddenly want to buy a fabric saddle and I don’t know why

    • spencer harding

      but seriously tho, race reportage is preh’ hard these are some amazing shots

  • Thanks, Jeff! These are great. The autumn vibes are strong.

  • AdamBike99

    Thanks for taking me to the races Jeff! Your macro shots are especially AAAmazing…

  • Chris Valente

    Growing up gawking at Jeff’s work in Transworld Snowboarding, it brings me so much pleasure seeing his work in cycling now. Amazing work as always…

  • Nicholas Petersen

    So good.

  • Some really great photos in here!

  • Kyle Deven

    Like a lot of people have already pointed out… these are some really amazing photos! Loved this piece.