Dustin and Matt Hit the Dirt Nov 12, 2017

Dustin from Cadence and Matt Reyes head out on Matt’s first dirt ride, manning Dustin’s P-29r.

  • David Quinn

    Cool video but I’m disappointed that fixed gear bikes were not used, that would have been epic

    • Matt’s done plenty of off-road riding on his fixed gear. I think the point of this was to see how he liked other types of bikes.

      • David Quinn

        No negativity intended Matt or John killer, ride Matt. A good rider can ride anything at any time. I love riding fixed and at 57 got into riding fixed off road, it’s a trip and has made me a better rider. My rig set up with a 39×17 which is pretty versatile, depending on the night before ;) It forced to become one with the bike and the terrain that I didn’t think I could do on a typical road ride.
        I’m not going to win any gravel events but to finish makes my day.

    • With the amount of climbing we did, I would have most certainly died. The gearing on my track bike is far too heavy, not to mention the ruthless hangover I had that day. Wooo, shout out to Dustin for helping me get through it.

  • Nathan Thumbs Wray

    “did you even eat breakfast?”

    “course not”

    this is the matt charm we have come to know and love