Dirty Mulholland at Sunset Nov 7, 2017

A favorite ride is always amplified by winter light and cycling tourists. Tonight, Kyle and I took Kelly out on a Dirt Mulholland sunset ride, which turned into a Topanga Creek Outpost banana bread run, turned mad-dash through Melrose gridlock at rush hour. The thrills are never short on this ‘cross-town jaunt. If you’ve never done this route, be sure to check it out on Strava and click-through to check out more photos…

  • Love that ride, love those guys.

  • Damien Milazzo

    What’s everyone’s experience with handlebar bags. How do they feel when you’re riding? As noticeable as rear rack panniers?

    • M T

      I have the same bag that Kyle is using (leopard print), made by Outer Shell. It’s fairly small, but even when it’s loaded down with a camera and snacks, I hardly notice it’s there.

    • Julius

      Front and rear loads are not comparable. A light front load is not noticeable on most bikes, like M T said. A heavier front load requires a low trail geometry to work really well.

      In my experience, rear loads affect the bike handling by adding dead weight (pendulum/”tail wagging the dog” effect). Getting out of the saddle is very annoying with saddle bags, although modern “rocket” shaped bags seem to mitigate that a lot. I have not yet tried those.

      A traditional rear rack + pannier setup is heavy, but ATMO the easiest solution to carry equipment for a campout where you require heavier items.

    • I just hold my camera in it. I don’t notice the load at all.

    • Damien Milazzo

      Appreciate the feedback. I have a really nice Tubus Ti rack and panniers, and for riding the road home they’re fine. The minute I hit the trails though, its a whole different story. I really liked the bag Stan (Karoobaix guy) used, and it looks like it will work well. After your guys feedback, I’m going to bite the bullet, order the bag, and machine a nice rack for it. I think something similar in design to the steel tube rack that Stan had, but probably a machined aluminum one, as I’m completely inept when it comes to welding. Thanks again all, and happy trails!

  • Alex Hillis

    Waiting for a gallery of that new test whip you’re teasing. The guys from SC look to have done something very fun with that one!