D.FENDER’s V4 Dirty Road Fender Nov 27, 2017

For those living in extra wet environments, the D.FENDER has made a leap from your mountain bike, onto your dirty road bike. The D.FENDER is made in the USA and designed to minimize spray. These are made for both rigid forks and the LAUF Grit and they’re in stock now at D.FENDER.

  • Froste

    I made one of my own a few weeks back, works great! It bolts directly to the fork crown so no dead pandas.

  • Thanks John!

  • mrbiggs

    I got one of these at Keystone Gravel in September, and spent an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out how it mounted to my saddle. Thank god for this photo — now I can get some sleep. (Though I’m not sure I see how this does much on the front — feet getting wet are the worst part of that spray.)

    • It was great on the Hells hollow descent! But thanks for the feedback.

      • mrbiggs

        Well it’s not exactly feedback since I didn’t figure out how to mount it. I’ll install the thing one rainy morning (Iron Cross would have been good) and cheers.