Chocolate Spokes: A Film About Bicycles Nov 30, 2017

Brendan Leonard of Semi-Rad has done a lot of work in adventure filmmaking, but had never shot and edited a short film all on his own. Chocolate Spokes, featuring Gregory Crichlow and his shop in Denver, CO, is Brendan’s first crack, and it’s damn good. Read the backstory at

  • Matthew Handscombe

    That was excellent. Inspired.

  • maxgralph

    Good stuff.

  • Scott Atkins

    Very cool!

  • Sara Randolph

    What a lovely human.

  • James Walton

    Totally inspired. Thank you.

  • triteacher Ⓥ

    Woah, Gregory! THIS is what it’s all about… BEAUTIFUL!

  • I saw this somewhere else, but had to watch it again. Very, very inspiring for a number of reasons. Certainly the kind of life a lot of us would like to live.

  • Bil Thorne

    Motivational af but I still read “Chocolate Spokes” in a Tay Zonday voice.

  • Richard

    Bow. Tie.


  • snakehawk

    Just the way he looked at and picked up the bike a few times there at the end. He’s got the real love.

  • Brad

    What an awesome guy and an awesome work space.

  • Koochella Racing

    cool. thanks for sharing their story!