Caletti VTM Quill Stem Lets You Run a Modern Bar on a 1″ Steerer Nov 6, 2017

If you have a classic steel bike with a 1″ steerer, then you know how hard it is to run a modern 31.8 bar on it. Caletti Cycles looks to remedy that, with their VTM Quill Stem. Available in 90mm-120mm lengths and in stock now at Caletti.

  • Röbby Sanfranciskö

    Though not as aesthetically sharp or finely crafted as the Caletti, Velo Orange just recently released a 31.8 quill with removable faceplate if you want to resuscitate an older ride without fuggo adapters and are on a tighter budget. This stem looks sick though.

    • Beau

      I picked one of those up for my randonneuring bike and its kinda perfect. It wouldn’t look good on my road bike though. The angle is wrong and the faceplate is a little clunky. This Caletti is much more suited to a true road machine.

  • Theodor Rzad

    Looks great: spec, aesthetics, and even Nor Cal DNA make this one a worthy continuation of the uber-classic Salsa stem IMO

  • Arthur Maas

    A better looking, less practical Factory 5 Titan Stem. But I dig it, looks really nice.

    • How is it less practical? It comes in 90mm-120mm lengths and is a clear throwback to old Salsa stems. Looks pretty practical to me.

      • Arthur Maas

        I missed the removable front plate from the Titan Stem.

        • I guess my point was, the Titan is designed for small frames and short-ish riders (asian market) it comes in only 90mm long, which seems more impractical. It’s sixes for sure, but the nature of a 1″ threaded steerer bike is kinda impractical, compared to a modern bike, right? The only thing I see that could be off-putting about this stem is the cost, but yeah, there are a few other options. I love the Titan’s design, but the 90mm length kills it, IMO.

          • Arthur Maas

            Agreed, for sure! And this stem looks way better, it keeps the classier look of the bike and creating a whole new horizon for handlebar options.

          • Pascal K

            Same here, 90mm is just to short for my height. Otherwise it would be super nice. A plus for the removable face plate would be if the stem is used on a track bike and you want to switch from flat/risers to drops without undoing the bartape. But the Caletti takes the cake for me in terms of looks for sure.

  • AdamBike99

    Gorgeous! And, I have multiple bikes this would be ideal for, but nary a single budget to cover the $$ of this beauty…

  • jtbadge

    This is the first 31.8 quill that I don’t hate. Looks just like the old ITM Eclypse. The design goes better with the smaller diameter tubing of a classic lugged road bike than any of the previous options.

    Wouldn’t mind a stem like this at a Sim-Works price point!

    • I’m pretty sure Sim Works has been working on something like this with Nitto.

  • kasual

    Just wanted to shout out that DA7400 crankset with the modern group. Looking a-ok

    • Exactly what I first noticed. 7400 crank and headset with 9000? derailleurs and brakes/levers. Very smart combo. 👌🏼 I run the same crank on my daily ride, but I polished mine. Nice looking stem, but I would hate to pay all that money and then feel compelled to strip the graphics. As I certainly would.

      • kasual

        Mine is sitting in a box under the workbench. Thinking it’s time to get it out and back on the road! This whole build is making me think of a retro/modern steel build…

  • recurrecur

    Anyone know if the a welded/brazed stem like this has any stiffness advantage over a solid cast quill stem?

    • In my experience, steel stems are stiffer, yes.

      • recurrecur

        Good to know. Whenever I go from riding my modern 1-1/8 stem bikes to my quill stem bikes, the first thing I notice is the slight elasticity in the cockpit (which could be partly in the frame, too).
        I guess a plus of this stem could be added stiffness.

        • Zian

          Depending on one’s riding intention, some prefer the added flex of the quill

  • MGL

    stoked on this. was actually trying to get tom to make me a 31.8 salsa style stem.

    are they artisinal and hand crafted though? hope so if they’re small-batch.

    • John makes all of these in his shop in Santa Cruz.

  • Flo

    almost 3 times the price of the ui-12 nitto: Running one on my Master colnago and it does exactly the same job for 90$ – Not hand crafted and not black and not as slick as that one though…

  • Trevor H

    All the quills available on the market miss the mark for me. This one is great, but not long enough, as even my largest steel frame needs a 130.

    I prefer the bar clamp on this to a removable faceplate style; I just think it looks better.

  • John Caletti

    I understand they are expensive, I hope I’ve included enough special details, quality and care to make it worth your $. Given that the lower end and mid range stuff exists, we wanted to do something nicer, more special, more exciting.
    The main driver of the cost is labor time, as I make them myself here in Santa Cruz, CA, USA. The top cap and wedges are aluminum, machined in Portland. The draw bolts are Titanium and I anodized them blue. Paint was done by Ollie at Dark Matter Finishing in Colorado. Tubing is 4130 CroMo, cut, machined and welded here by me. My friend Peter helped in creating the special logo decals and during November we are including a matching T Shirt using the most eco-friendly material we could find, as well as some Caletti Bar tape in either white or black. I made 18 of them in various sizes. If they are popular, if people want removable face plate versions, etc. I would consider doing another small batch later. Thanks!

  • duperay

    275 bucks… seriously guys…………………………….

    • …………. read John’s response below

  • Brent Kyono

    A worthy halo product amongst the F5, Velo Orange, and UI-12 ranks!