Bombtrack’s BEYOND+ ADV 29+ Rigid Bikepacking Rig Nov 27, 2017

Bombtrack is listening. They’re listening to their customers, their racers and the riders who want more from their bikepacking rigs. The BEYOND+ ADV 29+ takes everything learned over the years and pushes new boundaries with SRAM’s GX Eagle, a new, custom carbon fork and clearance for the chubbiest 29+ tires. Check out all the details below and holler at your local Bombtrack dealer for ordering.


2.599,99 € // 2.500,00 £ // 3.100,00 $
3.324,99 C$ //3.399,99 A$ // 72.990 Kč

  • Chris Buck

    Looks like a SURLY.

    • Yeah, it’s like a (much) lighter weight Karate Monkey.

      • Smithhammer

        Or a sportier, schwankier ECR? Either way, I like it. As much as I love the indestructability of my ECR, the geo on the ADV is pretty appealing.

      • Paula Product

        Yes, that Beyond+ looks like a beauty, but looking at those specs, the complete build is just 4lbs lighter than the current Karate Monkey. And literally half that weight can be accounted for by the Surly’s heavyweight tires (and extra 400g each). (The other two pounds seem due to carbon-vs-steel forks and Eagle GX vs NX.) But the KM can only handle 27.5+ – the Beyond+ gives you the full wagon wheel experience.

    • Peter Chesworth

      Looks like a goodun. Jones Bar now ubiquitous. Always thought the weight thing overplayed. Could lose 5 kilos if ate and drank properly. My favourite bike is 13 kilos.

  • Michael

    This looks really good. Pretty solid geo for its purpose. I suspect this will be a pretty sweet ride.