A Recording of Ultra Romance’s Fred Talk at the Philly Bike Expo Nov 8, 2017

Nicholas Karwoski recorded Benedict’s “Fred Talk” dubbed “The bicycle, a vehicular philosophy of simplification” that took place at this year’s Philly Bike Expo. Topping in at over 80 minutes, this might be a bit ambitious for you to tackle in one go, but definitely give it a listen. Thanks to Nicholas for pulling this together!

  • jordan nienow

    T H A N K S N I C H O L A S

  • Bluejaystr

    Hell yeah dude, thank you!

  • Derek Simmons

    Poppi is like the Neal Degrasse Tyson of the cycling world. Most of us will never truly comprehend what he says or does but unequivocally you trust everything he says and know its for the betterment of man and womankind