2017 Philly Bike Expo: Skwisgaar The Waterford Track Bike – Jarrod Bunk

2017 Philly Bike Expo: Skwisgaar The Waterford Track Bike
Words and photos by Jarrod Bunk

Some bikes bear their owners names, this is something a little bit different, what started in 2010 covered in a black glove of paint, has changed after it sat over the years lying dormant while it’s owner wasn’t able to ride it (due to contractual obligations) and emerged as something a bit more vibrant, Skwisgaar, born of speed and metal.  From the Fleur de Lis stainless lugs brazed by EJ Muller to the beautiful paint from Roger Krueger, both of Waterford Precision Cycles, this is anything but black now.



A mix of polished components including SRAM Omnium cranks, an All-City Pursuit Special chainring, and a Chris King headset tie the lugs together and are sure to provide years of service for this heirloom quality bicycle. Zipp wheels hand painted by Eric Baar of  Ground Up Speed Shop, give it, even more, flare.  There’s something fast looking about this bike just standing still, which was proven recently as it was raced to a Bronze at Madison Track Nationals in Colorado Springs,  under its pilot, Anna Schwinn.


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  • nothingfuture

    This bike is straight fire. Fully in love with it.

    • Jared Jerome


  • The lugs are fantastic. That’s about the only thing that appeals to me though. Just not my vibe.

  • Jay Anhold

    Track Nationals were in T-Town (JR), Indianapolis (collegiate), and LA this year (elite). I don’t know where you’re getting your information that this was at Track Nationals, or that they were in WI this year.

  • AdamBike99

    That chain is freaking me out man. Too long, stiff links… argh!
    It’s so visually distracting, I forgot my clever comment about the bike needing a RS sex bolt for the seat lug…

    • Yeh, it’s a 30 year old IZUMI that sat in a box for that long, pulled it out for the show as the bike was boxed without a chain before transport, super last minute, but I know what you mean.

      • AdamBike99

        Thanks for the background Jarrod; that’ll help me sleep tonight hahah! Honestly, that’s an awesome chain with some serious history.

  • Transit

    I love this bike.

  • Superpilot

    Just had to find out more about riding such a bike at such a level. Seems like a really awesome bunch of women! http://www.citypages.com/news/how-a-ragtag-bunch-of-women-are-saving-track-cycling-in-minnesota-7482323

    • Renee

      Here’s our team website: http://koochella.com
      Follow us on FB and IG to keep up on team happenings! :)

    • That was my first team… we did some cool stuff. I’m no longer affiliated.

  • Dexter

    This is awesome!