2017 Philly Bike Expo: People’s Choice Winner – Bishop Bikes Disc Road

2017 Philly Bike Expo: People’s Choice Winner – Bishop Bikes Disc Road
Photos by Jarrod Bunk, words by John Watson

The work of Chris Bishop continues to evolve and impress. For this year’s Philly Bike Expo, Chris brought something a bit different. Having teased this frame on his Instagram account prior, from the paint booth of Bryan Myers at Fresh Frame, we knew we were going to see something loud from the Baltimore-based builder. With a Stainless XCR Columbus rear triangle, Paragon Dropouts, a distinguishable Columbus Max fork and Vari-Wal tubing, this modern disc bikes carries many of the classic profile Bishop Bikes has been known for over the years, but the Fresh Frame paint not only coats this bike, it envelops it. The paint compliments the details, such as the stay integration with the Paragon dropouts and the intricate masking on the seat stays.

This has to be Chris’ magnum opus and the attendees of the Philly Bike Expo agree, voting it to a People’s Choice win.


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  • Mike Kimbro

    Holy crap!

  • Chris Bishop is a master, thats for sure, happy to have the opportunity to document this gorgeous bike.

  • John B.

    Incredible work or art. Is the seatpost fixed at that height?

    • Most toppers give you a bit of adjustment, but yes, custom bike, custom fit.

      • John B.

        Thanks John. I had an old peugeot frame with a quill seatpost. The frame had beautiful lines without the seatpost bolt, but you had to remove the seat to adust the seapost with an Allen wrench from the top. I thought that something similar was used here.

        • You can see the seat mast topper sliding over the stainless seat tube, by just barely making out the slight lip. They’re great in terms of design and usage.

  • Chris Valente

    oh. oh my. oh my oh my oh my oh myyyyyyy….

  • Richard

    Wow. Wow. Wow. (speechless, jaw dropped) Wow.

    That fork. That seat tube/top tube/chainstay cluster. That pump (who makes that??). Those skewers (who makes THOSE??).

    But that paint. THAT PAINT. Wow. Exquisite.

    (Great photos, too; terrific use of depth of field.)

    • It’s a Silca Pump, I wish I knew who made the skewers, I meant to ask, but forgot. I picked up some fresh glass and I’m in love with it right now…

    • Beau

      I think the skewers are KCNC, but I could be wrong.

    • Richard

      Of course Silca. Duh.

      Not KCNC (though they make some nice stuff!). Hmmm.

  • Röbby Sanfranciskö

    This bike was wild in person. Forgot to vote on the way out but wasn’t worried about it taking the win

  • GNARdina

    This is a perfect example of how smaller framed bikes just look like aggressive monsters (in a good way). The proportions between the frame and especially the headtube vs. wheels, and how huge those deep V’s look just make this bike look like it could eat you alive. It almost makes me wish I was shorter so i could fit a frame like this.

  • Superpilot

    No hydro tho? Seriously, I hate people that point out something on sick builds. Calling myself out as a douche there, but the fact I even asked shouldn’t be seen as a criticism, but a serious query, Sram has hydro brakes for etap doesn’t it?
    Now that is done, I’ll continue to drool over the rest of it. The bar and pump paint just took me over the edge…

    • When a frame is this fire, hydro won’t work. ;-)

      • lmntm

        Yeah cos the dropouts will collapse

    • Frank

      I use the spyre brakes and they’re really great!

  • R. M.

    As always, Bishop knocks it out of the park. He’s from my town, and I love seeing his rides locally, from the high zoot roadies to the beat-to-shit fixed gears, his frames are always sick

  • kndl

    when even a headset spacer has its place. nice!

  • as I viewed that short vid on IG account it totally hypnotized me by its bikes appearance! The age of framemakers is back!

  • kasual

    Picture 18 good gawd. Another stunning piece from Bishop.

  • Jason Marshall

    Any Chance this bike in a square 56cm can weigh 16lb +/-?