2017 Philly Bike Expo: Gallus Cycles Rando Bike – Jarrod Bunk

2017 Philly Bike Expo: Gallus Cycles Rando Bike
Words and photos by Jarrod Bunk

Jeremy from Gallus Cycles brought his personal randonneur bike painted in vintage Ford Playboy Pink, by Black Magic Paint.  It features some fresh details, including a front rack with detachable low riders and a quick release decaleur, all made by Jeremy. A SON connector-less dyanamo hub provides power to both front and rear lights via internal wire routing.

Built with a mix of NOS Suntour XC Sport Components, Paul Component Racer Brakes, and a René Herse cranks this S&S Coupled masterpiece can go anywhere and have fun while you’re there.  Jeremy built this bike up leading into Philly Bike Expo this year and was even able to get some quality time on it before the show.


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12 responses to “2017 Philly Bike Expo: Gallus Cycles Rando Bike – Jarrod Bunk”

  1. John Watson says:

    Jarrod, your photos are melting my mind like psilocybin.

  2. Alex Hillis says:

    Rando bikes are the most interesting custom bikes. So many details!

    • John Watson says:

      They are definitely the most work too. Especially when working with vintage parts with specific tolerances and clearances. I remember Chris Bishop telling me alllll about it with a customer’s randonneur needed to use a NOS chain guard, fenders and RH cranks. Getting those pieces to fit elegantly took a lot of work and patience. Probably a few glasses of Basil Haydens knowing Chris!

  3. Drew Mabry says:

    this is SO GOOD

  4. Peter Chesworth says:

    The MKS detachable pedals, the custom cable anger, the clearances between brake and fender, those shifters (Simplex maybe?), S&S and cable breaks, the chain stay protector – so many incremental features making this a beautiful piece, and one that looks to be used like buggery. Yes it must be a pain in the bum to construct but once it is done, it is done.

  5. Superpilot says:

    HOW DOES THIS BIKE MAGICALLY STAND ON ITS OWN? Amazing. Spare spoke holder on the rear chainstay? Mind goes “Kpkkkkkkksh”

  6. AdamBike99 says:

    What he said (and he said, and…), but that rack is $eriousMoney!

  7. Vanian Bulman says:

    Wonderful photo set of a beautiful bike! I can’t believe you didn’t post a detail shot of that rear light!

  8. dan scheie says:

    Love me a good rando bike! Looks like this one is well ridden too!

  9. Dan Edgerton says:

    A SunTour front derailleur! I wish there was a photo of the rear one to see what is mounted back there.

  10. Jeremy Suhan says:

    Daaaang, shit’s aces!