2017 Philly Bike Expo: 44 Bikes Titanium Marauder SSMTB

2017 Philly Bike Expo: 44 Bikes Titanium Marauder SSMTB
Photos by Jarrod Bunk, words by John Watson

We saw earlier this week the announcement of 44 Bikes offering titanium as a new frame material for their catalog. This extends to their Marauder hardtail mountain bike frames. The Marauder can come in various configurations, including superboosted, plus, slack and rowdy builds such as this. To up the ante even more, Kris from 44 Bikes added some anodized bits from Wolf Tooth Components give the build some pop. Titanium is a great material for a mountain bike frame and this bike is sure to make its new owner very happy.


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  • breed007

    157mm rear hub spacing?

    • 12x157mm Superboost Rear / 110 Boost Front / 83mm BB Shell Width. Perfect Chain line when in 1×11 mode. I went 157 so it can share wheel sets with 29×2.4 and have clearance for 27.5 Plus (I had the bike built Saturday in 29″ mode with 1×11 drivetrain and converted it in the afternoon during the show).

      • breed007

        Thanks for the blog post on this choice, btw. Really makes me wonder why 148mm spaced hubs even exist.

        • Cool – good to hear you enjoyed. I think 148 exists partly because of just how much a low tread/q-factor has been emphasized when in reality, that is the one factor that must change in order to make room for large volume tires and mountain bikes in order to balance all the performance attributes. Here’s the link for anyone else if they are interested in the post: http://www.44bikes.com/superboost/

  • Jared Jerome

    Is it weird if I said I want to rub my face on this thing?

    • Tilmann

      breed007 below already did. But I totally get what you mean.

  • Clayton Wangbichler

    SHE’S A BEAUTY!!!! I love seeing Superboost making it to hardtails. Especially when it means you have a perfect chain line and can run 27.5+

  • Dexter

    That’s the dream right there. Perfect bike for me!

  • What’s going on with that rear cassette/cog conversion thing? I’ve been considering getting a new singlespeed wheel built with white ind freewheel for my commuter which is currently 10sp. This things looks like a decent (higher-end?) conversion option.

    • They’re just spacers and a SS cog from Wolf Tooth. You put the desired cog in the center and use the spacers to do just that; space out where the rest of the cassette would be.

      • If Bart is interested, it’s specifically an Endless Fibonacci Spacer kit. They come in a variety of anodized colors but it really allows you to dial in chain line perfectly.

        • Thanks for the clarification/s. I figured out the single cog/spacer setup but couldn’t find the spacers on wolftooth’s site, hence the confusion. (Probably could’ve been more specific in my original question). Slick bike though. Have been following the 44 blog and covering a huntsman for years now. Love that there’s a Ti option 👌

  • Jonathan Pish

    I was checking out a couple 44s on the back of a hatchback on the highway the other day. License plate was 44bikes or something, great looking rides!

  • mp

    This bike is amazing. Congrats to 44!

  • Jesse Edwards

    Black dropper or Kashima no matter how much you think a Thommy post is better. On such a tidy build, come on!