The Outdoor Flask to End all Flasks Oct 27, 2017

I will admit, many of the points in this Kickstarter Campaign for the new Firelight Flask have come to mind while out camping. I hate taking glass into the outdoors, pocket flasks are too small and why tinge good bourbon with plastic? Check out this video and if you’re into it, you can buy one via Kickstarter, due out before summer 2018.

  • Lauren Poppen

    I just snagged mine! When it comes in I can’t wait to mix up some delish Moscow Mules in it and head out for a hike 😋

  • Sophie Roudané

    Yes!! Need this ASAP.

  • Ken Sprague

    What an awesome product – Excellent work guys! Nothing can better compliment my two passions, my love for the outdoors and my love for cocktails! Psyched to get my hands on this thing.

    • auton0my

      :rolleyes: your only comment and it’s here; marketing in action

  • Ben Miller

    Seems expensive and heavy. I use a MiiR 700 ml stainless steel bottle. It’s light weight, less expensive, and is double-walled vacuum, like the Firelight. Sure it’s not quite 750, but you need something to drink whilst filling, am I right?

    • I’ve got that one as well. I do like the integrated cups in this design though. There’s something vintage Coleman-y about it. Usually, weight means it’s very well insulated. Great for car camping, not ideal or practical for UL hiking or cycling, IMO.

    • Nic Barisone

      You nailed it. If you add in the cost of two insulated tumblers, its actually more affordable. One reason we decided to use magnets instead of threading is so that each part of the product can stand alone in its own right. The flask doesn’t need the cups to look complete, and the cups have 100% smooth interiors just like any glass-ware.

  • Jason Van Den Eng

    Too heavy (same weight as an empty wine bottle). Too pricey ($90-$125). Car-camping tech-bros are going to cream their $500 jeans though.

    • Nic Barisone

      but does an empty bottle doesn’t come with 2 insulated tumblers? Jeans creamed.

  • sturtlovinggood

    but can you dangle it?

    • That’s what I’m wondering!

    • Nic Barisone

      We will soon have some holsters and totes to haul it around. It does come with a sunglass-esque sleeve with a cinch chord, which in turn can be dangled.

  • Michael Wilbert

    Hell yes! I want one right now. Can’t wait to go camping with this.

  • Julius

    Normally I would just shake my head and ignore this, but the way they try to sell this as a contribution to protecting the environment is saddening. Honestly, if that would have been their motivation, they would have grabbed the good old thermo and/or recycled a plastic bottle instead of using resources to create another glamping item. Because one the amazing things about camping trips is that at the end of a long day hiking, climbing, cycling, whatever, just about anything tastes awesome.

    Just my 2 cents. Criticizin’ the marketing, not the product.

    • Nic Barisone

      Hey Julius – I appreciate your feedback on the marketing. Reduce, re-use, recycle seems to be lost on a lot of us and more people should take your approach. Moreover, too many brands green wash to sell products, not our intention. However, I feel that I would be misrepresenting ourselves and our intentions as a brand if we didn’t mention this as a catalyst for creating this product in our KS video. I believe that making a beautiful, functional product made from infinitely recyclable stainless-steel, will inevitably reduce the amount of people taking and leaving behind one-time use containers. Unfortunately, the footage in our video of glass bottles on the beach was not staged – it looks like this just about every day of the week. Thanks again for the call out, we hope that in time our actions and advocacy to keep glass and plastic out of the outdoors will speak louder than our quotes Kickstarter video. Cheers to you, and cheers to keeping brands honest.