Speedvagen’s Operation Hawt OG 1 Road Oct 19, 2017

The OG 1 road bikes are exceptional machines and while I’ve favored the more subdued colors in the part, one can’t deny how sick this bike looks!

“The “Operation Hawt” OG 1 will be available in two build packages: our stock OG1 complete build for $5245.95 -or- a killer deal on a full Enve package including painted to match Enve carbon stem, Enve carbon Hbars and Enve SES 3.4/DT Swiss240 wheelset and our brand new Speedvagen carbon/ti skewers all for $7295.95.”

Available for 3 weeks only, that includes the special build kit pricing. Pre Order ends Nov 6th. You can put a $500 deposit down at Speedvagen.

Want the full scoop? Head over to Speedvagen. Want to just see more photos? Check them out below…

  • jh

    Beyond stunning for those that like hot flouro pink. Taking nothing away from this sensational builder, I’d love to see a bike like this with new direct mount calipers, and handbuilt wheels using new Open Pros.

    • See, I like it being a classic 1 1/8″ road bike with no proprietary components. Those direct mount calipers look cool, but it’d limit options.

      • Sean Coffey

        Options > Integrations

  • Anyone know who makes those qr’s?

  • John B.

    OG1?? Should be called OMG1

    Operation Hawt – Mission accomplished!

  • Don Ald

    make this in a gravel bike with disc brakes able to fit 50Cm and I would buy it in a second. It is amazing looking

  • AaronBenjamin

    That’s neat.