Sinewave Cycles New Beacon Generator Lamp with Built-In USB Outlet Oct 31, 2017

Charging your devices from a generator hub is a great option for a touring bike or bikepacking rig. Unfortunately, it’s not usually the easiest to setup, often requiring splicing into the wiring. The newest made in the USA Sinewave Cycles product looks to change that with the Beacon generator lamp. This lamp has an integrated USB outlet, allowing you to either charge a battery pack or your device directly while maintaining a flicker-free beam. These are shipping now and come in a variety of colors. See more info at Sinewave Cycles. Kyle from Outer Shell has a great install posted on his Instagram, which I highly recommend checking out as well!

  • Jared Jerome

    That is an awesome use of that brake arm.

    • Peter Chesworth

      I can confirm the setup works very well – Dia Compe brake arm used as light mount on my Pelican for past three years, solid and untouched.

  • ben

    I have a Beacon on loan from Dave and it’s a great light. Really versatile with the different modes and rock solid. Really performed well on a recent 8 day trip in the Sierras. I can’t say the same for my Schmidt light mount which was basically a pile of parts at the end of said trip!

  • So stoked to share and support other US manufacturers like myself! Thanks John!!
    I just posted my rear light setup as well on instagram.

  • Spec’d on my new bike – this will be mine in 3 weeks< . SO EXCITED

  • colavitos_ghost

    I like the look of this! The B&M Luxos U isn’t MUSA, but it’s another cool option for people looking for lighting + device-charging in one.

    • This light is much brighter than the Luxos U, with a round beam better suited to off-pavement riding. But the Beacon also has another feature not mentioned here. You can input power to the light from a battery pack, providing constant light output at low speeds or when stopped, and the light will automatically draw power from both the dynamo and the battery to provide a consistent 750 lumens.

      • This is the feature I’ve been hoping someone would include! Device charging is less of a priority for me than consistent light output.

    • Peter Chesworth

      B and M Luxus a good light for its purpose – light cut off so as to not blind oncoming traffic, putting light where most needed on the road. MUSA not really an issue outside the USA.

  • I am very very intrigued by this.

  • Ganges

    I have the Sinewave Beacon and an Exposure Revo. In my opinion the Revo is much better as a light. It is much more useable at lower speeds as it doesn’t flicker like the Beacon does. It dims much more progressively. The Beacon is too strobe like unless you plug in an external battery. The Revo’s standlight is more powerful too. The LEDs are whiter and seem brighter. Sure the Beacon has USB charger but the lighting has it’s deficiencies.