Rivendell’s Hubbuhubbuh Tandem Oct 24, 2017

It’ll fit a 27.5 x 2.4″ tire and where ever your relationship is going, it’ll get there a lot faster on the Hubbuhubbuh Tandem by Rivendell. In typical Rivendell fashion, these bikes have been designed to take on just about anything, but most importantly, to be fun. Check out all the details at Rivendell!

  • Ryan

    My marriage needs this.

    • Jim Seely

      They say a tandem will either make or break a marriage!

      • happycatbasket

        every time someone tells me this a little bit of my soul dies. hey I don’t see a price tag on that frame it must be free lolololol amirite? anyways, now that we’ve gotten a bit of saltyness out of the way…

        communication and patience will either make or break a marriage. riding a tandem just gives you the opportunity to hit those problem points more quickly.

  • Nick Meulemans

    Black seatpost on the back has to be fixed!


    • Richard

      And those black hubs too.

    • Peter Chesworth

      GP doesn’t care. We need more GPs.

  • Brian Richard Walbergh

    Now where the hell do I get those threadless Bosco Bullmoose bars?

    • Röbby Sanfranciskö


      • Brian Richard Walbergh

        They are for folks who buy the tandems first, then they might release some for purchase. Lets hope they do.

  • This just displays how ugly threadless setups are over threaded for anything other than slammed. Look at all those spacers above and below. What an eyesore on an otherwise nice bike. Minus that oddball black rear seat post.