Mash SF and Alta Motors Oct 4, 2017

Silence is golden, especially while making videos of cyclists in San Francisco.

  • Nicholas Haig-Arack

    eMTB comments dropping in 3, 2, 1…

  • Theodor Rzad

    I love celebrity commuting videos, esp. when they’re filmed everywhere i ride (though with gears and probably not as fast LOL)

  • DopePedaler

    LOL, i had thought bike noises were added in post.

    I will say that Scoot uses ultra silent electric motors around town and when they zoom by it’s a bit startling. Wish they made some kinda noise.

    • Yeah, I’ve had one on my wheel before and didn’t realize it. IN THE BIKE LANE. So wild how quiet they are.

      • DopePedaler

        if only Scoot would make tight videos of us

    • Zian

      Here in NYC, many food delivery guys run electric motors on their bikes. Many ride with zero understanding (or maybe concern) of how other cyclists use the road

  • That moto uses the same Gates belts we put on bikes. If the bike had a belt on it too you wouldn’t hear anything but your tires on the ground and birds in the sky.