Latigo Coffee Campout Oct 31, 2017

Happy Halloween! Our friends at Latigo recently held a campout in Alabama Hills, one of our favorite retreats from LA, and made a recap video, which we’re sharing here. Also, head to Latigo Coffee and use the code RADAVIST for $10 credit, starting NOW!

9 responses to “Latigo Coffee Campout”

  1. Josh Pritchett says:

    Mountains, cycling, camp food, coffee, climbing, guitars, dogs, and guitar case dogs. Awesome video recap!

  2. Jay Barre says:

    Looked like a great weekend, sorry to have missed it! One of the best spots in Cali!

  3. Christian Kondratowicz says:

    When’s the next campout Latigo?? That lovely combination of insane riding and chill vibes has left me jonesing for more..

  4. Scott Sanford says:


  5. Todd Gillman says:

    The Campout with you weirdos was the sweet-ass cherry on top of already rad vacation week .. thanks for the mems!