Danny MacAskill Gives Santa Cruz’s Reserve Carbon Wheels a Beating Oct 2, 2017

In the past, carbon wheels have been prohibitively expensive for many riders and Santa Cruz is looking to fix that. Their new Reserve carbon wheels with DT-Swiss 350 hubs retail for $1599 and or with Industry Nine Torch Hubs for $1899, with a lifetime warranty. But, the main question is, can these wheels withstand real riding? Well, Danny MacAskill takes them out for an afternoon ride…

See more information on the Reserve Carbon Wheels at Santa Cruz.

  • Draw Imagine

    A yes. For only 1600 US we now all can ride some carbon wheels! Santa’s present for all off us.

    • I mean, if you lace alloy rims to good hubs, they’re already around $1,000…

      • The base wheelset uses DT 350 hubs, which I have bought three pairs of in the past year. They ain’t cheap, but they are excellent!

        • Jonathan McCurdy

          However, seem to be one of the best affordable hubs pretty easily accessible on the used market! Good stuff.

      • Richard Carle

        DT 350s laced to DT EX471s, which I would consider a very strong rim, can be had for less than 400€.
        At least if you lace your own wheels.

    • trololo

      carbon’s expensive, broh. every little helps

    • Draw Imagine

      Yes, those are indeed whole wheel prices but still. You can get a really nice bike for that kind of money.

      • You can get a bicycle for the price of a Chris King headset too. That’s not the point here.

        • Draw Imagine

          I’m talking a really nice bike ;-)

          • if you think 1600 buys you a really nice bike, then brother you might be on the wrong website. 1600 buys you a basic bitch timberjack with barely enough money left over for that custom frame bag that your friend in portland made.

          • Andy Moore


          • Andy Moore

            And certainly no set of custom titanium frame bags. :P

    • Jonathan McCurdy

      Yeah. And any number of new hand-built Derby or similar wheelsets can be had on ebay for around $1600. I fail to see this as any sort of real challenge to the costly prohibitive nature of carbon wheels.

      • Jonathan McCurdy

        5 year warranty is nice tho. And regardless, impressive riding by Mr. MacAskill and the wheels response to the abuse is remarkable.

        • A 5 year warranty is amazing. I’ve seen a lot of broken carbon wheels in my time… none of which carry that kind of backing.

  • Justin Pyatt

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/cea5b2514a2d2df43cdf71d2e2739cbc285f9c2abb20b1abafa364ae8a747430.png The Santa Cruz website is still saying these have a lifetime warranty. Did something change and they didn’t update??

    • Confirmed: lifetime warranty.

      • Justin Pyatt

        Lifetime warranty is even HUGER!!! I’m so stoked for these wheels!

    • Andy Moore

      Man, I sure hope they add a cross set to their wheel offerings!

  • #DirtyRoadie

    was curious about the weight, and the 29″ are lighter than a pair of HED Ardennes+ 700c