Commençal’s New Meta HT AM Oct 17, 2017

All-mountain hardtails are more capable than many would imagine and Commençal’s newest offering looks to be a great offering for those looking to get buck wild. The Meta HT AM can run wither 29″ or 27.5″ wheels, has a 65º HTA and 74º across all four sizes, with pricing that starts at $1,099.00 for the Meta HT AM Origin model. Head to Commençal for more information.

  • Thibault BONFANTI

    “Commençal” with 2 “m” and a cedilla. In the title and the link of the article.

    • Apologies, edited.

      • Thibault BONFANTI

        Branding, email/domain names are simplified for the reasons you mentioned: special chars are badly handled. By the way, it’s from the last name of the founder, Max Commençal. If you don’t put the cedilla, in french, it should be pronounced like [k].

    • For what it’s worth, Commencal doesn’t seem to worry about the cedilla in any of their materials.

      • … and any special characters sometimes fuck with HTML 2 in terms of social media publishing and archiving. Remember the “Ombré English road bike?” I spent hours trying to figure out why it wouldn’t display on some browsers. Turns out the special character wreaked havoc on HTML 2.0