Café du Cycliste: Albertine Mens Thermal Cycling Gilet Oct 3, 2017

For those cold mountain descents and all-day winter rides, Café du Cycliste has designed the Albertine, a synthetic down cycling vest, made from Primaloft Active to provide a mix of insulation and extreme breathability. I’ve used a similar product for years and believe it or not, you’ll want to wear it more than you’d think. Check out more at Café du Cycliste.

  • Papi

    An interesting mash up here – I’m a big fan of the ‘regular clothes’ look of it (it looks like what Topo Designs would make if they made cycling apparel). Price is a little high but that’s to be expected for a nice piece of sport specific apparel. The big question – based on the cut (and lack of insulation on the back) – would you wear it off the bike?

  • ap

    that vest is cute AF