Bell All-Stars: American Mountain Bike Legend John Tomac Oct 11, 2017

We interrupt our South Africa coverage for this amazing video featuring MTB legend John Tomac.

  • Peter Hedman

    Having had the distinct privilege to spend some time with the man himself, I have to say he’s one of the best there is in cycling…

    Was too young and dumb to truly appreciate it at the time, but he’s a great father and a solid role model. Well done Johnny-T.

  • Will

    Looked up to Tomac when I was a young racer during Tomac’s glory days. He did things right. And still does.

  • Quinn.e

    Worthy of the term Legend, hard not to like a man with character.

    • Smithhammer

      Indeed. Far more worthy of praise and a place in history than all the juiced up roadie primadonnas that dominate today.

      • Quinn.e

        Cheers to that.

  • Makes me want to go race mountianbikes!

  • Josh Caffrey

    Tomac is a legend. Nice job Bell, the honesty is refreshing.

  • Tony Clifton

    It’s tough growing up in the shadow of a giant, but Eli is handling it just fine. We need more Tomacs in pretty much everything these days.