A Matte Sand Breadwinner G-Road at Grinduro – Kyle Kelley

A Matte Sand Breadwinner G-Road at Grinduro
Photos by Kyle Kelley, words by John Watson

For Grinduro this year, many framebuilders brought their baddest rigs out to get coated in the infamous Quincy dust. In the mix was Breadwinner Cycles from Portland and in tow was this very special version of the Limited Edtion G-Road, painted in Matte Sand and built with an emphasis on made in the USA componentry. This includes a kit based around the 27.5″ wheel and tire platform, perfect for packin’ in plenty of rubber to absorb the rough and rocky terrain, while relying on Chris King for the BB, HS and hubs, White Industries G30 Cranks, Velocity Cliffhanger rims in 27.5″, Thomson stem and seatpost, Paul Klamper brakes, Silca Impero Frame Pump and last but not least, trusty King Cages. Top off this stellar build with an Igleheart fork with cargo cage mounts and you’ve got one trusty and capable shred sled.

Bikes that look this good need very little introduction and at this point, everything Breadwinner has been putting out over the past few years has been enticingly shreddy! If you’re interested in one, holler at Breadwinner!


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  • GNARdina

    This reminds me of a nice pair of dress shoes. Gold CK components would look amazing on this.

  • Steeloats

    It’s a Creamy Cashew of smooth rolling country road living!

  • John B.

    Love that hand made front fork. Reminds me of those early Fat Chance mountain bike forks. An abundance of mounts on the front fork for attachments and not even one on the rear seat stays?

    • John, that’s because Chris Igleheart made the fork. He’s responsible in a big way for the original segmented forks.

      • John B.

        Thanks John. I didn’t realize that Chris Igleheart was at Fat City in Somerville, MA back in the day. I learned something new.

    • Steeloats

      I worked with Tony and Ira at Breadwinner on this to have the Igle fork that Chris built to have anything cages, and mid blade rack mounts for a Nitto rack. Rear rack mounts are not needed as this would use my seatbag if I decided to sleep in comfort. The Geo is what I would consider modern Rando, thanks Ira!

      A Off-Piste shred sled with a touch of rando comfort being (Internal dynamo cable routing in fork), built around the Igle fork, thru-axles, and dreamy Compass tires. It’s my go to for 50+ mixed rides aka the new PNW Standard of “OMTM,” rides. (Thanks for the inspir: Ron and Ryan)

      • John B.

        She’s a real beauty. Thanks for sharing your inspiration for the build.

        • Steeloats

          Thanks John, gonna put some journeys on this thing that’s for sure!

          • Daniel Powell

            Great looking bike buddy.

          • Steeloats

            We need to jam in Eastern Oregon soon

  • Mike

    Nice build! What tires are those?

  • Really dig this bike!

  • Richard

    So is right-side-up CK headset the new upside-down CK headset?

    • AngryBikeWrench

      White Industries is the new upside-down CK.