45NRTH’s Red Wing Leather Wölvhammers Oct 23, 2017

Every so often, a cycling product comes out that kinda blows my mind. Granted, I have no use for these boots, but for those in cold weather conditions looking for some balleur footwear, look no further than these 45NRTH Red Wing Leather Wölvhammers. Made from the same leather as your favorite work boots, insulated with Aerogel and enough details to shake a stick at. See more information at 45NRTH.

  • auton0my

    “45NRTH” and “Aerogel”?

    Really cool-looking boots but probably more expensive than my whole bike. Also, isn’t aerogel very brittle?

    • By itself, yes it is but when used as an insulator, it’s not.

  • Bailey Gene Newbrey

    & they’re only $20 more than the original. That ain’t bad.

  • Will

    I suppose you either love or hate that look. Gotta say I’m the latter…

  • kasual

    This is a nice collaboration, but I still wish for urban cycling footwear that isn’t so… techy in appearance. A black sole would go a long way here.

    • dan scheie

      They’re designed to look like the traditional Red Wing moccasin toe boots with the white / natural rubber sole.


      • kasual

        Yep, I’ve had a pair. But this sole is a much brighter white than natural rubber and has a lot of moulding that the original doesn’t have. I would prefer to have that disguised with a black sole. Personal preference. If it looked more like the original with an SPD cleat I would go for that as well.

        • dan scheie

          Oh yeah, it would be great if they were closer in color to the originals, but they’re probably limited in their choice of material for the sole. I would be interested in seeing the boots in person, maybe they look different in photos. I try to commute by bike through the winter, so if I wind up with $350 burning a hole in my pocket, I would consider these over the originals. That being said, platform pedals and my work boots will probably do just fine.

          • kasual

            Agreed. I’m a winter commuter in a nasty climate and some gore-tex hiking boots and platforms have got the job done. Regardless of the material, the elements lead to a 1-1.5 season lifespan for my winter riding footwear, so the least I can spend is usually my criteria!

  • Nate Christy

    These look goooooofy.