Weis Manufacturing: Made in Brooklyn Track Frames Sep 28, 2017

Available in either Columbus Zona 4130 alloy steel or 7005 aerospace aluminum alloy tubing, the Weis Hammer Track is a race-tested machine, fit for the velodrome, alleycats or track crits. These framesets feature an asymmetrical rear triangle with the extra stiff, proprietary designed Speed Stay driveside chainstay, ensuring direct power transfer from the pedals to the pavement. Pricing starts at $1250.00 for the Steel Frameset and the Aluminum Frameset comes in at $1450.00. Check out more information at Weis.

  • dr_petronovich

    I’ll wait until they release the asym fork. This bike is damn sharp!

  • JimmyMcNulty

    I love the rear end on these frames! I wonder how much more the steel frameset weighs? Would be interested to know why Zona was chosen as opposed to lighter Life/Spirit tubing. If not for my Colossi stainless track prototype I would give this some serious consideration….

    • Nathan Thumbs Wray

      cost VS stiffness would be my guess if I had to make one. same boat, already got a Curt Harnett Gardin hanging on my wall not seeing enough saddle time.

    • Zian

      I dig how the stays join to the seat tube, but the drive side chain stay and the dropouts, especially, are hideous

      • blob blobbet

        Those NY streets might destroy anything less substantial in design.

    • Andy Moore

      Some beautifully trippy design aesthetic that looks like it’d be hella stiff, functionally speaking. I dig it!!!

  • recurrecur

    I live around the corner from the address listed on their website, and this is the first I’ve heard of them.
    Are these new kids on the block, or old builders under a new name?

    • Cole Bennett

      I personally have been building for almost 5 years, this is a new project for us as we move away from fully custom builds to more affordable set size designs. Come on by our shop, I have a T shirt for ya!

  • Eric Hancock

    Really like this frame. I can’t tell what the fork rake is, but I’d like the head angle to be a little less steep.

    Great choice of colors.

    • Cole Bennett

      The fork rake is 35mm!! At one point we were making a crit version of the Hammer with a 43mm rake fork and slacked out headtube angle.

  • Ashok Captain

    Brilliant frame design – the assymetric chain n seatstays!

  • Carla Fracchiolla

    what’s the name or number of this color?