Ritchey Unveils their New Outback Break-Away Carbon All-Road Frameset Sep 21, 2017

Inspired by the Break-Away Carbon Road and Mount Cross, the new Outback Break-Away gives riders the stopping power of disc brakes, with clearances for larger tires and a road bike geometry, ideal for taking on long days on mixed terrain. These framesets are the epitome of Ritchey’s design ethos, in a modern, lightweight and practical package. I’ve seen one in person and the construction alone merits the pricepoint, which comes in around $3,150. You can see more details at Ritchey.

  • Too ritchey for my blood. yes i’m a dad.

  • AaronBenjamin

    I wonder if the frame can come apart without unbolting the caliper?


      Sure can if you’re running mechanical brakes. There’s stops on the other side of the down tube where the brake cable can be coupled.

  • trololo

    on a somewhat related note it’d be super sick if Ritchey offered their custom paint options on the steel breakaways

    • aaron

      they do! give Rick at D&D cycles in San Lorenzo a holler. He did/does all their heritage paintjobs.

      • trololo

        wow, thanks for the lead!

        • Steve Reynolds

          I have a BRAND New 60cm Breakaway Cross, painted by Rick at D&D in a custom design. I would really like to get this new BA Outback. Please post here and I’ll hit you up with details, or post picture later.


        Thanks, Aaron! Rick is the only painter we work with and have done so since day one. He’s the best!

  • Eric Hancock

    The construction looks amazing. But I don’t understand the geometry. Really long and low.

    • Chris W

      I have an S&S bike with a huge head tube (~210mm). It makes it a bit tricky to shove in the case, need to take the fork out.

      So that may have been a consideration for the short stack.

  • skunk ape

    This might be the perfect “gravel” frame. I might have to sell my RLT9… Damn.