Mission Workshop Adds New Merino Core Colors Sep 28, 2017

Over the years, Mission Workshop has made a handful of staples in my cycling apparel wardrobe and without a doubt, the Merino Core collection has been a game changer. I wear the long sleeve merino Perimeter shirts every time I hit the dirt and oftentimes, I’ll continue wearing them all day after the ride. They’re my camping staples, my touring staples and I’ll throw one in my camera bag if I’m going to be out after the sun sets. These shirts are durable, moth-hole resistant due to the nylon weave and best of all, look damn good in a plethora of earth tones. Head to Mission to see the full Merino Core lineup and if you’re in LA or SF, you can swing through one of their storefronts.

  • That coffee looks great! Is black an Earth Tone?

  • adamgnewman

    Nothing like a $200 sweater ad to remind me why I got into cycling! ;-)

    • breed007

      There’s a lot of value in clothes you can wear on and off the bike.

    • It’s a longsleeve, lightweight t-shirt and it costs $95. Where did you get $200 from? Fake news!

  • Area45

    Swrve used to have a great merino T base layer. Probably one of the best pieces of kit I own. I think they had a limited amount of the fabric and once they were gone they were gone. I bought a couple extras years ago and I’m looking forward to the cooler days for them to come back into service. Holes and all. I don’t think they had a nylon weave like these so they are prone to stretching and staying that way. If these are as good as the Swrve ones were you’ll get years of service out of them.