Made with Love at Industry Nine Sep 21, 2017

When we talk about how much we love Industry Nine, it’s because they love what they are doing over there in North Carolina.

  • White Mike

    Great video. Industry Nine is the good stuff. I switched all of my bikes over from King to I9 and have NO REGERTS

    • AaronBenjamin

      Curious as to your reasoning? Having ridden both, I like both brands/designs for different reasons but I have CK hubs on both my road bike and MTB.

      • White Mike

        Had an issue with a specific set of CK hubs where I couldn’t get the play out of the rear hub no matter what I did. Googled it and it seemed others have experienced the same. Separately this issue led me to compare a bunch of hubs I had on hand which led to the realization that King is fallible ex: the retainer ring on the axle ends-not the best idea. So I went I9 and didn’t look back. Still, good hubs (King, Onyx, Hadley, Hope) is good hubs. All for different reasons and this video highlights several in favor of Industry 9.