KNOG’s PWR Lights are Here Sep 27, 2017

These modular lights from KNOG can do anything from mountain bike riding to city commuting and they can even charge your phone. I’ve never seen a lighting system like this, so head over to KNOG to see more information.

  • Eric Hancock

    I want to like Knog lights; the look so nice. But every one I’ve bought has broken.

    • I’ve had bad luck with the rear lights But I’ve had a knog blinder arc (with replaceable strap) for close to two years now? without fault. I even disassembled it and replaced the battery. But most people I’ve spoken to has also had bad luck with them. In fairness though, it was almost always the rubber straps, not the light.

  • Sorry to hear that Eric. If you can drop us a line at [email protected] then i’m sure we can fix you up with a replacement, no dramas at all.