Jones SG 2.5 Aluminum Loop H-Bar Sep 22, 2017

For fans of the Jones H-Bar that are looking for a bit of rise to accomodate a more upright riding position, look no further. The SG 2.5 Loop H-Bar has a 2.5″ inch rise, allowing you to either remove your spacers or go even higher up. Personally, I think this bar looks great, see more for yourself at Jones.

  • And to this I say… why not? Tall people ride bikes too. I’ve got 5 cm of spacers under my 0.5″ rise Loop bar, so this would allow me to achieve slam. But this ain’t carbon, and man, that carbon Loop bar is way nice.

  • Keith Lee

    These bars confuse me at times. One of the main features of loop bars are the many hand positions you can use on them. These riser bars would make the inner loop (IE ‘climbing position’) pretty uncomfortable, if not unusable. Not to mention the multitude of options for bags that fill up the ‘loop’ and make grip/finger placement awkward as well. Am i missing something? I think they are fantastic bars when left clean and usable, and the 45degree sweep is super comfortable, but these variations confuse me.

    • Carson

      They way Jones recommends the bars be set up, with extra-long grips and the levers mounted just outside of the loop, has never worked for me. I prefer a shorter grip, moving the levers outboard, and then grip-taping the loop. My ‘climbing’ position puts the heels of my palms directly on the loop joints with my thumb and forefinger wrapping around the top bar of the loop. It’s almost like a really narrow bar-ends setup. I feel like a similar position is achievable with these riser bars, no need for the super long grips. And I’m OK with having the ‘cruising upright’ hand position, hands all the way out-and-back and usually out of reach of the levers, double up with the ‘riding’ position.