Handsome Cycles Pillion Tandem Bike Sep 19, 2017

After this weekend’s Floyd’s of Los Angeles ride, I kept thinking to myself, we need more tandems! Handsome Cycles has created a Kickstarter campaign entitled “Ride More Together,” to raise money for people who may not be able to afford the Pillion, their new tandem model. The goal of this campaign is to be able to provide tandems to people who would otherwise not be able to ride a bike, specifically the blind. Handsome has partnered with the Vision Loss Resources of Minnesota to ride with blind students, so if you’d like to support this effort, check out their new Kickstarter.

  • belopsky

    Looking forward to the Kickstarter to launch. Curious about price.

    • Ben

      Launched! First 10 are going for $1300!!!!!

  • JimthePE

    I wish they’d bring back the XOXO.

  • tabs

    Looks like a genuinely terrific option at the kickstarter price, but why the world isn’t the fork a thru-axle? Hear me out. Beyond the usual brake shudder and steering flex improvements which are of debatable importance on a casual “around town” bike, there are other concerns: 1) the very real possibility of rider weights 400+lbs (and another 50lbs of bike), 2) casual people know *nothing* about disc brake physics and the importance of high quality, very tightly installed quick-release levers, 3) people are going to put weak-ass security skewers on their front wheel so it doesn’t get stolen. This bike is setting someone up to hurt themselves in an emergency braking situation. I’ve seen that sub-par security skewer issue nearly pop the wheel out of Surly Straggler at speed. With all that tandem weight and traction of a 47mm tire on asphalt, the front tire isn’t going to break loose (and the bike obviously isn’t going to endo) so the pressure on the QR is going to be the weak point in the chain. For zero additional cost, given they’re already going to make the tandem-rated fork to their specs and there’s a million OEM front hub options, they could make it a conventional 15mm thru axle and people could safely use something like the Maxle Stealth or Fox Kabolt if they don’t want their wheel stolen. Thru-axle just makes good sense for performance and peace of mind (both the rider’s peace of mind and Handsome Cycles’ on the liability front). It’s the basic expectation for every single disc brake bicycle shipping in 2018, much less a tandem with all its unique physics. I know it sounds sorta ridiculous at first given it’s a steel tandem marketed to casuals, but why not make a much safer bike for zero increase in cost and complexity? It’s going to be ridden in traffic and need to emergency brake at some point, right? Or another, much shorter-winded way to think of it, is there one single good reason for using quick-release on this fork? Heck, even the Xtracycle cargo bike is sporting a 15mm TA steel fork.