Golden Saddle Rides: Kyle’s Rockabilly Silver Space Horse Disc

Over here in the wild wild west, people build their Space Horse discs up in all kinds of ways. From dirt drops, to upright Nitto Albatross bars, to flat Bullmoose and everything in between, these bikes are incredibly versatile commuters and tourers but perhaps Kyle’s is one of the most unique builds I’ve seen. Sure, it’s got 27.5″ wheels, with Maxxis Refuse tires, Salsa dirt drops, Sim Works stem, Sim Works post, Sim Works Paul Klampers, Sim Works Paul skewers, a Berthoud saddle, a SON hub, White Industries Cranks, Camo Cinelli tape, Velocity Cliff Hanger rims, Pass and Stow rack and Gevenalle shifters, but the thing that was the veritable cherry on the cake, or milkshake, or whatever is the rudeboy rockabilly Outer Shell rack bag.

How can you look at this bike without seeing that loud-ass leopard print?!

Finding a way to describe bikes is one of my favorite parts of this whole process and usually my initial reaction is the way to go. With this bike, I wanted to fight the rockabilly label so bad, yet it just fits. It’s like a pair of creepers at a Cramps show. In fact, it’s like a bike Poison Ivy would ride. Kyle, you’ve really outdone yourself with this one.


If you want a custom build like this and live in Los Angeles, hit up Golden Saddle Cyclery.

  • breed007

    Yes! Enough of this Pubes nonsense. Back to some hot Space Horse pics!

  • badgrahamer

    Yes! The Arundel Looney Bin is one of the most underappreciated products out there, cheers Kyle bike looks fantastic

  • Owen Millárd

    the wheel/tire combo reminds me of when i see mountain bikes with hybrid tires on them…

  • “i fuckin hate how at every single show they bring out a little kid on stage (usually with a stupid mohawk that his parents made him get) and mike ness is like “these kids theyre the future of punk” and then they play mommys little monster.”

  • You can access them easily. There’s a rubber stopper / gripper to keep glass in place.

  • Robert

    What size is the frame?

  • Bluejaystr

    Ahhh i really want that suntourist sticker! Where does a mortal like me acquire one of those?

    • I think it’s one of the Ponderosa Cyclery guys doing it.

    • Sam LaClair

      Yes it’s ponderosa and his name is Vince. Shoot him an email, he doesn’t have a web store

  • Zian

    I’m so envious of riders who don’t need fenders. I dislike fenders, but I hate having road grime sprayed on me more.

    • Yeah, I think we’re all ready for more rain down here. It was a wet winter and a lot of us put fenders on our commuter / around town rigs.

  • Jeremiah

    What’s the secret to getting the green Klampers? I just bought a pair for a new bike, but if I buy them in green I’d buy a second pair for my current bike, too.

  • recurrecur

    I’d love to know the cassette, chainring, and how good it shifts. Look like it’s geared to pull loads up mountains.

    • Robert

      I have a similar set-up. I run a SRAM Rival 1 mech with a 10-42 cassette and 38t ring in the front. Shifts perfectly and the gearing is fantastic for commuting as well as riding loaded. I originally had a 2x set-up with a 11-36 cassette and 46/28 in the front. After riding both, I like my new gearing a lot more.

      • I’m about to build a new tourer that I’d originally planned 11-32 cassette and 44/28 in the front. Now I think a 1x will work better, with 10-42 and 38T White Industries. Are you running mechanical Rival shifters and Rival 1x Long cage RD?

        • Robert

          Yep, I’m running those shifters and that mech. I used the same shifters for my 2x set-up since I used a SRAM GX mtb RD to clear the 36t cassette. I came to the conclusion that the majority of the riding I’ll be doing with this bike will be more casual than sporty so I didn’t need that high of a gear.

        • AaronBenjamin

          Go with the double if you enjoy being in the right gear all the time.

          • I run 1x on my cross and can’t fault it. I really enjoy the simplicity of it compared to my road bike.

    • Yeah, all our touring bikes in LA have to be geared like that. Any campsite in the mountains is nestled on roads that climb thousands of feet in miles and are often very steep. Kyle is even undergeared for full loads IMO. I would have gone 32t up front, instead of 36t. He’s stronger than me though. All my touring bikes have 28t up front and 50t rear, because I’d rather spin up something than push hard the whole way.

    • Chris Kyle

      My disc Space Horse is built up very, very similar, 11-speed XT rear derailleur, 11-42 cassette, Gevenalle 1×11 shifter, 40t single ring up front, mechanical discs, SON hub, etc. The bike shifts amazingly well and far exceeds my expectations…having never ridden a Gevenalle shifting bike before.

  • singlespeedscott

    No breaking those wheels with Cliff hanger rims and 36 spokes.

    • Brian Richard Walbergh

      Seriously. I am 235lbs, ride them rough and load them up, and have had absolutely zero problems with them. I didn’t even bother with a 36h up front, just in the rear. No way Kyle will be able to blast them.

  • tsmak31

    cassettes? 10-42?
    chainrings? 36?

    • Cassette 11-46 and Chainring 36t on 27.5″ wheels.

  • Bart Haddock

    Thought Kyle would someone that wouldn’t want to support Shimano.

    • breed007

      Yeah, he’s really supporting the shit out of them with an old XT derailleur and brake rotors.

      • Nathan Thumbs Wray

        looks like a newer M8K to me.

    • AaronBenjamin

      SRAM vs. Shimano is such a tired debate. Next!

  • hagri777

    How is the tire clearance at the chainstays? And how wide Maxxis tires are on these rims?

    • Poolboy 1.0

      Good. Wide.

      • hagri777

        Good. Thanks.

        • It’s tight, like if it was muddy, it’d be an issue but it’s totally fine.

          • hagri777

            Thank you. I wish SH had clearance for Schwalbe G-One, 27.5×2.35. They roll incredible and skinnier tires just don’t cut it after you experience them.

      • Brian Richard Walbergh

        I run the same combo on my Wolverine with plenty of clearance (~6mm) and they are 53–54mm @ 40psi if I remember correctly. I am pretty sure Wolverines have more clearance than Space Horses.

        • hagri777

          Thank you, Brian – appreciate the details

  • Röbby Sanfranciskö

    Is this a 700c frame?

    • Yes, with 27.5″ wheels.

      • Röbby Sanfranciskö

        Sick, did the same thing with my VO pass hunter disc and it turned out awesome.
        Considering grabbing a Space Horse and doing the same but frame geo wise they look fairly similar on paper…

        • Fabian Alén

          What rear light is that? Son? I’d be interested in details on this build since I’m doing something similar with my pass hunter disc. Really dig it!

          • Röbby Sanfranciskö

            The Supernova E3. I have the wire running down the downtube, up over the fender and under the rack through some d-rings from downtube shifters. A wild Mad Max boat-rigging looking set up but I enjoy the novelty. Whole build is mostly VO stuff including rims and their tool-less rear disc hub. Have a Shutter Precision dynamo up front.

      • Röbby Sanfranciskö

        Hey John figure you ride with this bike a lot, would you say there is clearance for fenders with the 27.5×2 tires in this frame? Thinking about grabbing one of the hot new cream colored ones when they drop to replace my old tourer

  • Adam Clement

    Love the bag. Good theft deterent, I mean who in their right mind would steal it! :)


    love the build! anyone know the pedals?

    • meaty_urologist

      black mks grip kings / lambdas

  • Benjamin Tatham

    I have been looking at these frames and can’t land on whether a 52 or 55 would fit me. I read in the comments that this is a 52. I’m about 5′ 9″ with real long torso but just a 30″ inseam and shortish arms to match. I ride a 54cm Soma Wolverine. Anybody add any insight about 52 or 55?