Allied Cycleworks: Lifting the Curtain on Carbon Fiber Sep 12, 2017

Having missed out on visiting the Allied facilities earlier this year, this video makes me want to plan something for the fall.

  • Medium Rick

    Informative. Thanks for posting.

  • Christopher San Agustin

    Really cool!

  • Johnny Burrell

    awesome video, makes me want to buy one. nice job allied bicycles

  • mp

    Big time respect to these folk.

  • Dylan Buffington

    DANG! that rotating drying rack is next level. I realize theres a lot of rad stuff coming from these guys, but that might make watching paint dry worth it. Its rad to see so many employees in a company that some would think to be impossible in the US. Whats great is their techniques are easily scaleable. From one frame at a time to 1000 its only a matter of space and people on the floor. Hope to see more companies like this debunk the carbon bikes in the USA myth.