Trek’s 1120 29+ Touring Bike with Integrated Racks Aug 28, 2017

The Trek Stache is a capable shred sled, right outta the box and its new brother, the 1120 ups the bikepacking ante with more design details than you can shake a stick at. Designed around the 29×3″ tire platform, the 1120 is a back country expedition vehicle, complete with integrated racks for you to strap, buckle or clip your bags or panniers onto with ease. With its unique elevated chainstay, Trek was able to make tire clearance a non-issue and with a 440mm chainstay, the 1120 will be reliably snappy when descending technical singletrack, even loaded down. For an added bonus, this rigid bike is equipped with a dropper post.

I’ve seen a lot of rigid plus bikes being marketed towards “adventure” but this 1120 is one of my favorites to date. What do you think?

  • GNARdina

    That back rack looks so silly until you see pictures of it loaded. With Dry bags lashed to the sides it makes much more sense.

    • Yeah, I agree. I actually like it more with the dry sacks tethered to it, compared to a saddle pack.

  • Scott Black

    Looks like I beat them to the integrated front roll specific rack by a few years. :)

    • I’ve seen a number of builders make racks like that over the years. :-)

      • Scott Black

        I’ve had five happy years with mine so far, and it’s just about to go back to Rob English for a few modifications.
        I’d take a specific front rack over a bar mount any day.

        • Scott, your English is such a rad bike! Are there any updated photos of it during or since taking on the Great Divide?

          • Scott Black

            I’m ashamed to say that due to various life bullshit, location/job changes, and general lack of money, I’ve still not been able to ride the divide. The plan now is to do it in 2018…but until then… Here’s a shot of it from a few weeks ago after a particularly wet and muddy ride!
            There have been quite a few component changes, and there will be a few more still.
            And as mentioned… Some modifications I want to get done by Rob as soon as I can get it back to him.

          • Awesome shot Scott! Divide or otherwise it’s great to see such a cool bike getting thoroughly dirty! ¯_(ツ)_/¯

          • Steve Fuller

            Scott – How have you liked the Narwhal (or the English equivalent) coupled with the Jones bars? I’ve been intrigued by the idea of one, but I haven’t been able to commit to one vs a standard set of aero bars as of yet.

          • Scott Black

            Well my English uses full custom aero bars where the arm rests are mounted directly above the steerer, and this then means I only need a short section of extension on the front of the loops to achieve the correct reach/position. I originally had a pair of front extensions that Rob made, but I liked the idea of the single Jones Gnarwal, especially as I knew I’d be cutting it down to a much shorter length. It works well for me in this setup, but I’m probably still going back to a pair of front extensions, just for a bit more control and to keep my hands away from my GPS and light, which mount centrally. The Gnarwal works better than people expect it to, but a pair of extensions still feels like you have a bit more control when it gets bumpy.

          • Are you the only Narwhal owner in the world? I’ve never actually seen one mounted other than the original release photos. By the way, nice ride and DO THE DIVIDE ASAP! It’ll change your life.

  • Extremely well thought out, designed, engineered and styled. Trek has done a seriously good job here.

    • Right? I was really impressed with this bike.

      • Rex Lombardi

        It’s like the new Canyon CX bike, it’s too extreme (looks) for some folks. I bet it’s worth trying.

  • Chris Andrews

    Can you mount a Dynamo light up front on this?

    • Probably to the bars pretty easily.

    • joshhh

      One might be able to get a little creative on the triple bosses on the fork or what appear to be bosses on the rack.

      • Röbby Sanfranciskö

        If you want to use a handlebar dynamo light mount you can always attach a Paul Gino to the bosses

    • Unless it’s got really odd spacing on the front, I don’t think that there should be any limitations to dyno hubs. At our house we have dyno hubs on both QR & Thru-Axle hubs.

  • I really like it for touring/bikepacking, but very much dislike the fact that no chainring larger than 32t is possible with the elevated chainstay design. It’s what I didn’t like so much about my Trek Stache (Same design save for 2mm longer stays), but my Stache is more of my trail bike with a suspension fork, not my all day bikepacking rig. It would be rad if you could use other sizes of chainring on this rig and gear it according to your planned route elevation profile.

  • Harry

    I find it weird that there are; or at least were, Stache models without dropper posts and this not only has one, but has a specific rear rack to accommodate it. I like the front rack, am not keen on the rear one and I don’t feel this bike requires a dropper at all.

  • Ultra_Orange

    I loved my Stache 5 fully rigid, I’d probably like this too and even more so with the ability to carry stuff. But I’m not sure if the dropper is necessary, but then again maybe there are people that want to get rowdy with a loaded bike?

  • 29+ is ze best.

  • joshhh

    I hope they make this fork/front rack available aftermarket! I can imagine some 27.5+/29/29+ owners wanting to swap their existing rigid fork or maybe switch between a suspension fork for everyday trail riding and this fork/rack for touring.